Realistically, what could Xojo do to make you stay?

Is there anything realistically that Xojo could do, which would make you happier with the product so that you’d want to continue to use it and renew your licenses?

Maybe I’m the only one in that case, but I stay with Xojo even as it currently is. I’m accustomed to it and don’t want to learn yet another language. Xojo is fine for my needs and I can accept its bugs and mistakes.


Fix the horrible Windows framework / graphics implementation.
Ever since Xojo switched from GDI+ to Direct2D, Windows apps have been slower, used more memory, lost functionality and been less stable.

I’ve no idea why they switched, but so far I haven’t seen any advantages over GDI+


Hire more developers. Focus on professional/business developer needs (which, IMO, are what the non-professional need too they just don’t know it yet). Having someone other than Geoff in charge.


Geoff should sell the company to someone or some organization that will invest in the product and follow that up with the business development and quality marketing to grow the quality of the product and the user base. He should sell it now while it still has value.

A question I have is what is the company worth?
Also what kind of buyer would acquire it to invest in it rather than to kill it?

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I think there would be very little interest (if any) in someone wanting to acquire Xojo Inc. To small a footprint (users) and a lack of unique technology to buy + invest. For the same reason no threat either, so why buy + kill it?

STOP the ridiculousness that is the Rapid Release of bugs model

do tick tock

  • a bug fix release NO NEW FEATURES !
  • new features
  • a bug fix release NO NEW FEATURES !
  • new features

even with the bug bash the number of bugs simply hasn’t budged in any material way AND every new feature always always always brings new bugs

It wouldn’t FIX the issues but it would at least be an obvious move that maybe just maybe there is some seriousness to actually wanting to retain professional users who base entire businesses on their tool

Thats really where things have gone off the rails. They changes things, get a pile of blow back from those same users during beta, and plow ahead anyway.
Its pretty obvious they dont value their users, nor the users that pay them the most money per license.

I continue to use it because my clients continue to. But as I said elsewhere that may be coming to an end as the parade of bugs persists despite their efforts of late.


I would tend to think the stand alone Web applications technology is unique enough to be of interest to a potential buyer. That is if they can fix all the bugs Web 2 introduced and create the missing features that made Web 1 so appealing.

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As I discussed in The ZAZ: Xojo's User Confidence Problem I think even 4 releases per year is not often enough. Waiting 6 months for features is something I have no problem with, but 3 months for bug fixes is much too long. Even as somebody that has worked for Xojo and know what the process looks like, I want to see many more bug fix releases. Monthly at the very least, every other week would be better. Yes, this increases the potential for a “bad” fix (a fix that is actually a regression) but if we only have to wait 2 weeks for a fix to the fix, I’d feel much more comfortable.

Xojo’s infrequent bugfix releases mean we’re waiting a very long time for fixes.


I would only support this if they made it update in place (patch). Downloading and installing the entire system for each release is a pain. You have to copy over all plugins, scripts, templates (or symlinks to the same) and create or change the shortcut to run it. You also have to wait for it to “pre-compile” all the plugins on first run/build. Not to mention the space hog from having dozens of installations.

If a fall-back capability is important, you could still keep a few benchmark version installations.

If I thought Geoff would entertain a realistic offer for Xojo I would consider raising finance to buy it.


Agreed. The current system is too unwieldy to get people to update often. In my own software, I do weekly updates (as long as there are enough fixes to warrant a build) and updates are completely silent. Xojo would need to work towards something similar for point updates.

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I recently tried to do a mockup in Web2 and Still feels like an Alpha product. So a New release that includes the current IDE improvements, the few new features AND WEB1 with some fixes like the debug URL, could be enough to renew my 2018 PRO licence. And from what I have seen in TOF, Im not the only one :thinking:

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Does Web2 still send client events on a round trip to the server?

Nobody can do anything. It is too late for doing something. There is not enough market for Xojo. So the revenue is too low. Xojo was not growing in the Times it had the chance to. It missed that times. And so Xojo is at the break even point: there is a trap inside. Building for professionals you must be too perfect and building for citizens you need too much features. The bow between: they will not be able to do.

The fixing of thousands of Bugs is not working with effectively five programmers and a few testers. No chance to get all of it fixed. In how many years? 25? That is too long. And people have so different problems with it like you could see on Bug Bash, take a look at the BugDB of Xojo.

So: there is only one chance: much, much, much more Manpower. That is nothing Mr. Perlman can fix. It is not connected to his Person. Xojo lost the Ground. And has no chance to build up.

Who should buy a Xojo Web for a Million and fix all the Bugs to sell it? For what? How he will get his money back? There are no answers for. No investor will do it when Solutions like Vaadin are around, the framework open source and blazing fast. So Xojo is at the end of story if somebody would ask me.

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It becomes here more annoying then in TOF. Why? While here not even for harassing somebody ore being against the rules the thread is hidden. I answered to a few others which where believing that the way would be somebody will buy Xojo, inc. While that would not solve the problems I wrote this Answer. So it is not even off topic. Especially answered to TeeTomTerrific.

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Please READ the question before answewring. It was clear, “What Xojo could do… to use it and renew your licenses?” No one is talking about “How to save the company”

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Considering the title was asking for opinions on what Xojo could do to make you STAY I’m quite shocked to see the “I’ve already left and there’s nothing they can do” people even in this thread.

There’s having a discussion and then there’s just being toxic.


totally agreed


Keep posts on topic please

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Code signing would rehire a huge re-architecting of the application to make in place updates possible
Apps on OS X are signed as a unit so you cant update just one chunk - unless your app is designed to be that way - which Xojo isn’t really