Closing Topics

Not quite - locking a thread means no normal user can add to it. EVER (admins could)
Agreeing with a flag hides the post - but only if you dont want to go read it
If you want you can and can continue to post

Not the same in any way
False equivalence

Ban ≠ hide a post

FWIW GARRY didn’t decide to hide those posts
Someone else in the forum flagged them and he, or I, agreed
So it remains hidden.

EDIT : you should know this since you’ve flagged 20+ posts and had more than half of them agreed to


It’s hypocritical just like Xojo. But you do what you want. You can’t pretend it’d not true.


like flag peoples posts so they get hidden then bitch like this when someone flags one of yours ?


That this restarts is not needed. We know each of all positions. But what we also know: when flagging here a post it becomes hidden. When you get flagged in Xojo the Thread mostly becomes closed. That is one difference, let me say one major difference.

Thes second difference is definitely that here your chance to get banned is relatively low. There would have to be much more than in Xojo forum.

If that are the rules here and the rules are written like it is so we have to live with it. Because: this is not a community forum but a private forum for Xojo users. And the rules are made from the private site owners as conditions for using this forum.

So we have only two possible ways to behave: a) we accept this rules and this wise of behaving and post here or b) we stop posting here and that’s it. We have no chance between while: here is not a democracy, this forum is a private builded community.

On the other side they are asking for financing the forum while they want to drive that as a community forum. But with the moderation as a private forum. That is complex to do and complex to handle.

Show the list of what I flagged. If I recall it’s for calling names and nonsense.

My post was pointing out Tim P’s bitching about other people posting things he thinks are “toxic”. But his post was ok. Garry chose sides about what was off topic and not.

If I recall, I stated something like: “The only thing that’s toxic is shipping products full of bugs.”

So people like Tim P can bitch and others cannot. Just put that in the rules.

Here’s Tim P’s post. I deleted mine. Dave S also posted and was flagged / hidden, so I guess he deleted his own post as well.

Every operator of a forum that is publicly accessible is legally obliged to run it based on terms of service, which must conform to the laws of the country where the person (natural or legal) who owns the forum is based.

but in this case between them was no legal rule violated. So that has nothing to do with it. But you’re right. No question.

If members disagree with how the forum is moderated, they can surely open a thread for discussing the matter.
The OP of this tread referred to what happened today in Xojo Inc’s forum. Posters should honour that.

I doubt this is a black and white thing. Individual MVPs may comply with Xojo’s demands to different extends. I am pretty sure that what happened today will induce discussions among MVPs.
Anyhow, the MVP’s reputation as diligent facilitators of communication between customers and Xojo Inc. was annihilated today.

Certainly compromised, at least. Even if we stipulate, for the sake of argument, that the issue should be closed (and it was indeed smelling like the proverbial dead horse), insulting the OP before locking the door (with an additional “word to the wise” that reeks of veiled threat) is pretty messed up.


It is at least a kind of behavior they should not have in that forum in my view. But that is the outcome of the situation also. People are thinking different.

And sometimes folks can have a bad day. Some of the people involved here are folks I enjoyed meeting in Nashville last week. So I hope that some cooling-off can happen.

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MVP <> Moderator

If you want to get involved and have a say about/help the moderation of the forum, contact xojo and ask to become a moderator.

The message Alyssa posted to close the thread wasn’t really that informative as Garry needed to follow it up in a new thread to find the actual reason which should really have been put into the original message in the first place. I do note though that the reason finally given isn’t in the Forum Guidelines.

I also note that it was a corporate decision to write the windows paint method the way it was and had I not posted about it on the forum and essentially criticized it then we would probably still be experiencing flickering in windows apps to this day. So, in essence, what Alyssa said there is not the whole truth and what she really means is, the forum is not a venue to complain about Xojo corporate decisions when it comes to this topic, which is probably either financial or perception based.

They also didn’t mind when I complained on the forum that they were wasting their time writing feedback in Web 2.0 and they should be looking for an off the shelf product. That was a corporate decision and look how that turned out. They can’t even keep to their own hidden standards when they are smacking down their user base, heck they didn’t even bother putting out another explanation of why they keep taking the decision to put the videos behind a paywall for those that didn’t see it 2-3 years ago but instead put out a pretty poor “we do plenty for free” followed by a “don’t talk about that here” message. Let’s not mention that a lot of those free resources are out of date now because of API2 though…

Has anyone here been to an XDC where they have recorded it? Have they ever polled the visitors to ask them if they would mind if the videos were put out for free for the benefit and promotion of Xojo?

I guess if we want to complain about anything now, it should be emailed in and cc’d here?


yeah I guess it would be required that any person who appears in one of those videos would have to have a “consent” form publicly availble from Xojo , and any person who refused would have to be blurred out in all video footage

Dont recall if when you sign up to be a presenter your are informed sessions WILL be recorded & your acceptance of being a presenter also grants permission to record & distribute

I would sure hope it did but I haven’t had to agree to any such thing with them in some time

but that even if it is sold. While that has nothing to do with costs or not costs money. It has to do with the rights of the people. And what is with their sometimes brought out: renew and get Videos for free? Ha, yes, that is then also for free. And now? I am really interested. I mean: doing that or not it is not really from interest. I think that Xojo needs more publicity. That’s it. And those Videos or at least parts of it could be exactly that. But what ever.

that “consent” is not limited to the presenters… it applies to every single person who appears in any frame of any video

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BTW. I noticed the other week they do this also on the Xojo subreddit, Thom had replied to a post about how people feel about Xojo, when I went to reply it was gone. Seems like the subedit is mainly about new releases, so I unsubscribed.

It’s really sad, there is a lot of public dissatisfaction with Xojo, and I don’t think how Xojo is handling it is going to quell it. I’m also concerned that the new controls they announced being API 2.0 DesktopControls isn’t going to help much as there’s already been a push back against API 2.0 and DesktopControls.

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It is there now.