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Apparently you can’t discuss any of Xojo’s ‘corporate decisions’ on TOF. They’ll just close the thread. Death by a thousand cuts.

That happens here too. Garry has marked some of my posts as off topic and thus hidden.

How does it feel Garry?

It’s why I don’t post here anymore. And won’t be posting again unless things change here.

but Hal, there is a difference. The Posts are not away and you can post when ever you want to. What ever Garry is doing after but you can write here. So the posting here is different to Xojo posting. They close that and that’s it. Xojo is not a democratic and that is important to get. That is not a customer forum like it is named but a vendor support forum. There is the situation of the customers different.

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It’s the same. Other deciding what can be said. Whatever. I’m out…

I believe that is a democratic vote from the users here.

Of course, he probably can’t read that because he’s got me hidden, oh the irony.

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I don’t think I have ever been more offended or disappointed by Xojo than I am right now.

I am genuinely looking at alternatives now.


possibly it was. But it changes nothing. The posts where not deleted. Everybody can read even hidden content when accepting by click for it

That is the difference.

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I know, so I don’t know what Hal is on about.

Welcome Garry. Your’e welcome.That is the problem. You can’t discuss there anything negative for them. They will not accept.

Welcome to the club. Sadly.


At the end of the day, it’s their forum, they can do what they want with it, but it certainly doesn’t reflect well on them, but I guess they don’t care because I don’t think the forum has that much reach to their target demographic.

I posted about the cost of the video over the last however many years they put them out and they’ve not changed their stance. I could put my thoughts in writing here about why they decide to do it the way they do but there is little point.

Oh and I took the decision not to post on TOF in that thread because I knew it would turn into a mess and get locked or nuked, but I guess it got there anyway.

It’s all terribly sad.


somebody must obviously be willing to pay, since they continue this behaviour

There are other reasons for keeping it behind a paywall

Well, they’re trying to get people to attend the conferences. But again, I feel they’re asking a premium price for an audience that generally can’t pay it. Hence why it’s mostly professionals that go.

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Maybe if they listened to their users from time to time they wouldn’t keep shooting themselves in the foot.


Start with Xojo end of last year. I moved on from Filemaker which I stopped using because of the vendor’s hubris, rudeness and epically bad marketing and bad technical decisions. It is sad to see many of the same behavioural patterns at Xojo Inc.
When I became aware of how they do (mis)handle bug fixing and them being proud of how they do it, I switched off auto-renew of my license.
Today I realised that Xojo Inc is using the same method every time they run short of good reasons to not to agree with their customer’s reasoning: locking discussions.

Experience from Filemaker days: at one point most members of the community just stopped making suggestions for improvement. Also many people stopped reporting bugs, knowing these may never get fixed or if, it will be late for them.

After these Filemaker years, I won’t have that again. Today I logged out of Xojo’s forum simulation.

And surely I will not pay for these presentations. Even the Filemaker guys finally understood that it is a bad idea to put stuff that may attract new customers behind a paywall.

Very different handling here. Don’t compare apples with pears.

I’m out…

Not true, you are here.


Most people who go to a conference be it technical, scientific , industry specific etc, get it paid for by their employer… To expect citizen developers and hobbyists to pay for travel, hotel and conference fees, as well as take vacation time from work is NOT reasonable. The money only as it would be from their own pocket would dissuade most, and they don’t make money from Xojo, and their families kind of like to take vacations they plan…

When I was at my most RB/RS loving, if they had one local to me so I did not have to pay for hotel or travel, I MIGHT have considered it because of being long time user and having interacted with so many on the mailing list and forum over the years, but it still would have been hard to justify.



This is the weirdness of who Xojo targets

Full time developers, independent contractors, etc would likely pay for a conference - but thats not who Xojo appears to market to.

They seem hell bent on solely attracting “citizen developers”
Many of those might work inside a company but because “software development” isnt their primary role its unlikely they’d get a software development conference paid for.

Like yourself, you’re a chemist (correct?)
Whats the chances that when you’re primary role is/was chemist that your employers would ever pay for a software development conference ?

Independents will always “do their own thing” and may decide to go to such aa conference regardless. But I’d expect thats a much smaller # than other groups that might be attracted to such a conference.

But closing topics applies to EVERYONE and shutting off any discussion of “corporate decisions” is what initially contributed to INN being created
And it continues to drive traffic here :stuck_out_tongue:


A new thread about locking a thread about locking topics :slight_smile:

rabble rousers

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