Xojos target audience …

Not sure if anyone else has seen the latest Xojo video on YouTube (posted 3 days ago).

In it the target audience is mentioned as “pro developers”… I thought that wasn’t their target audience anymore? Did I miss something?

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Yep, that list is not complete. The larger the corporation, the more risk management is involved. When it comes to investment in code, the underlying language and tool chain are evaluated.
Policies and service agreements are verified. Comes the point where a dutifully working project manager asks about the bug fixing process. Answer: some bugs are fixed. However, many of the confirmed bugs are never taken care of and a bug ticket is closed after nobody took care of it for two years. The vendor makes the assumption that nobody is interested in it anymore or the bug disappeared in some way.
If you suggest such a platform for a larger project, you will likely be shown the door. Or hide it from your customer….

Uh ?
“primarily professional software developers” ???

seriously ?

One thing is the real target and another whatever they say for marketing


Geoff : Our market share of “Newbies” is slipping… THEY are our new TARGET demographic!!

Geoff : Opps, our Pro Market is now slipping… THEY are our new TARGET demographic!!

I found it mildly humorous so thought the community would be interested if they hadn’t seen it.


I’d tend to agree
IF their target really is professional software developers then how it is they have pissed off so many ?
The traffic on this site alone is testament to that in many ways

Dana’s nice enough
But they really need to take their own advice from this video


I have found it ironic that recent posts, videos etc published by Xojo expound things the should be done, but that they clearly do not do.

Dana is definitely a friendly person. Only, this is not enough for a director.
She let it slip when Alyssa silenced Garry and she let it slip when Kem and Anthony acted as MVP (Most Vile Punisher) against Friedrich.

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WHAT!!! That’s ridiculous! When did that happen…


You can check here. Links to evidence in Xojo’s ‘forum’ are included in posts.

For the sake of completeness:

I thought silenced meant he was not allowed to post at all on the TOF! Just closing and or deleting a thread is not that!


Ok, let’s replace ‘silenced’ by ‘strongly encouraged to shut up’.

cant find the veiled threat post from kemp’s now :frowning:
or was it that post that got hidden from view as well ?

EDIT : ah no found it

Kem Tekinay
This matter is closed. Consider this a word to the wise.

It was the follow up that was hidden

Just got notified they had posted to LinkedIn as well
Something about this struck me as … not in sync :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 10.23.00 PM

#DeepDive and “high level overview” dont seem to jive

Looks like the message will not spread that wide: 752 followers.
All those many others must be in hiding.

How many people do they need telling them that they are off-chart until they understand and act?


How can you take seriously advice from a person who boasts 16 years of experience but almost no one has ever heard of the product, the company hasnt had growt in those 16 years and their social media is a Ghost Town?

Extensive experience with digital marketing… 16 years working for a company that cant

Xojo could be huge, as he said, just by the millions of VB6 users that had to migrate and the several thousands that are still looking for an option. Instead of focusing on those several thousands that still use VB6, the API 2 nonsense make that market harder to reach

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No idea but


All closed without comment

EDIT : removed one
He DID get a reply on the one noted

Nope, in 70323 the customer gets the email address where he can ask for a refund.

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