Xojo Web 2.0 Virtual Special interest Group

There will be a Zoom meeting of the Xojo Web 2.0 Virtual Special interest Group by Zoom on June 15 (Wednesday) 3:30 PM Central Time.

Password: xojo

Meeting ID : Meeting ID: 831-9334-5280

This is NOT anything official from Xojo. We are a group of user who take Web 2.0 very seriously and wish to advance the community.
We will have 2 short technical presentations on:

  • Alberto de Poo: Methods for keeping web pages aligned without having to “pixel push” in the IDE.
  • Jay Menna: Xojo desktop apps to create web 2.0 code.
    We will be making this a monthly meeting. If you have anything you would like to present in the future reach out ot me directly by email jay@jaymenna.com

This forum is more and more becoming a full blown alternative for TOF :wink:

The about for INN even says

About If Not Nil
A place to discuss the Xojo programming language

BUT, unlike the Xojo Forum, you CAN talk about other tools, platforms, etc as well as Xojo



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Sure! I didn’t mean anything was wrong on INN with my remark, just that most interesting info from the TOF can be found here too, which is a good thing! I hardly spend any time on TOF anymore, and with posts like this on INN, I don’t miss the stuff that could be interesting for me.

Ah ok I misunderstood your post then

Interesting. I think I’ll attend just to get an idea about the current state of Web 2.0.


Same. I’m a Charlie Brown Optimist. Go ahead and set up that football Lucy, I’ll give it a kick.


It’s terrible - I couldn’t build the last project I attempted with it so went with something else - the lack of performance was the most irritating part.

It has it’s issues and one has to find workarounds for some things, no arguing that. But “terrible”?

Same here. From the very first release of Web 2.0 I pointed out there was a major problem with their event design: way to many client → server requests. It has never been addressed. But I think they knew it themselves and that is why some events that Web 1.0 had were not available anymore.

I used Web 1.0 successfully for a fair number of projects but every time I try Web 2.0 I hit bugs, need JavaScript or Xojo workarounds plus several of their samples shipped for Web 2.0 error out (which I raised as a feedback to no avail). For those reasons I say it’s terrible as it’s still not fit for purpose.

Therefore I’ve moved on to utilising pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript with a Vala/Soup backend. It is more performant and much lighter.

The purpose of the vSIG is make the use of web 2.0 better.

I have suffered more than most of you at he missteps of Xojo inc. I was the first outside investor in Real software. My business partner being number 2. We no longer have any financial interest. If you missed the big cash out event. So did we.

All are welcome ot the vSOG. But please don’t throw any rocks, during the vSig, at Xojo, Geoff or anyone else. It is neither the time nor the place.

Most of us are aware of how to attend a meeting, but thanks for the reminder…

This requires people who really know what the product needs to direct specific requests and milestones - it needs a good leader

I was brave (stupid?) enough to go head first into Web 2.0 when it made it’s debute and developed an app that was succesfully delivered to the client. This app manages the property tax for a city council. Granted the UI didn’t needed any bells and whistles the app was more than acceptable for the client. The app has been up and running for about 2 years. In this time the app has needed to be restarted a couple of times but other than that it has been working.
I understand that different people have different customers with different requirements and different expectations, so no tool is perfect for every single case.
Am I defending Xojo because I want to defend my decision to use it? Not really. I’m aware Web 2.0 has it’s issues and limitations and I openly speak and complain about them.
So as imperfect as it is, no tool is perfect, my point is that calling it “terrible” is not really accurate.

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As I understand it the point of the group is to collaborate and find workarounds and maybe assemble as list of things that Xojo needs to address to improve Web 2

Lets keep things focused on those goals at the meeting

Before I stopped using Xojo, I wish I had a library of workarounds like the iOS libs for all the declares.

Maybe something like that could be an output of the group assuming that’s feasible.

Thank you Adam. You both reminded me and made my point in a single sentence.

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