Welcome to If Not Nil

If Not Nil, affectionately known as INN, is a place to learn about and discuss cross-platform app development, primarily using (but not limited to) the Xojo programming language.

The aim of this site is to become the best community on the Web to help developers build apps for any platform, be it macOS, Linux, Windows, iOS or Android. We hope it also serves as a useful place to seek feedback and encouragement on projects that you have worked on or are currently working on. These projects can be closed or open source.

This forum was started by a small group of long time Xojo developers who wanted an independent place to talk openly about their favourite programming language. We wanted to create a place where non-Xojo endorsed solutions could be openly discussed and utilised in order to make the best apps and games we could for our customers and friends. Also, we wanted a more modern forum environment which offered niceties such as proper syntax highlighting and Markdown for posting.

We’re very open to suggestions about what type of content you’d like to see more of in the forum and we welcome ideas to help improve the site.

The site uses Discourse as its underlying technology. If you are unfamiliar with navigating a Discourse site or posting using Discourse then we suggest you chat with @discobot (you’ll find a greeting from it in your inbox in the top right corner) or have a read of the Discourse New User Guide.