Xojo Hmmmm 🤔

Well it is not helping to have more people when the Management does not want to and also does not get that - possibly - there is the need to have stuffs like Compiler Guy and so on. But. You also need the incomes for it, the world needs to turn around. And that is not happened at the moment.

Can you say “archived” ?
Thats a very clear indication of their sentiment I think


Archived Pros…

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As was recently mentioned to me its hard to see all the Xojo faces that are drifting away
This is probably the worst I’ve ever seen through ALL the years


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Better 31.4% (3.14e1)


I seem to remember a wave of people drifting away maybe 10-13 years ago. Maybe longer since time has no meaning since the pandemic. People like Charles, Tim Hare, and others drifted away and once they left you just never heard from them again. I’d say this is circa 2008/9 during the recession and people found new jobs, got bought out, etc.

This time seems bigger but probably because I’m part of the wave. I guess many of us here are in the same boat (pun intended given the picture above): former supporters that are barely using the product or have left entirely.

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yup I left right after 2019r1.1 came out. and use it now only for one-offs that are throw aways, otherwise it is now 100% Swift for me… Doubt Xojo can do anything to make me bother with them again


What, the earth stopped spinning? And that’s Xojo’s fault? Now they’re really taking it to the extreme!

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Tim Hare is still active there

Charles barely if at all any more on TOF (2 years since he was seen there)
But he was seen here in Jan

It does

But there ARE lots of missing people
Scott Boss
Philip Zedalis
Matt Quagliana
Reinhard Blumauer
Julian Mussi
there’s about 200 people not seen on TOF in about 18 months

that seems like a lot more than normal

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Something normal when changing the Platform you are changing the places you discuss the platform you work with

Didn’t he work for them at one time?


He did

Guess I need to find the right forum for writing Java FX apps

And dart/flutter apps

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Didn’t know you write JavaFX and Flutter…

JFX really just getting started but it could be an excellent option for the same project Dart/Flutter will work for

Using GluonMobile it does a good Job for Mobile. In fact I wrote both: JavaFX with Gluon and also CodenameOne Apps. As far as I can see it works and that’s it. Produces good Apps and runs. The nice part of JavaFX and also of CodenameOne is that you have your mobile app as a derivate also for Desktop. Both can spit out the same App as a Desktop App and IOS/Android app. Just use JPACKAGE to package the Installs for IOS, Windows and Linus. As far as I am using Github Actions it works with one Click for all Platforms. And the Apps are running on Desktop and Mobile without any limitation.

In one word: Degregation

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That looks like a far cry game…