Xojo Hmmmm 🤔

I thought Xojo was cross-platform?

This is a brilliant summary of all the issues we discuss here and in the old days on TOF. Now I’m over it and I don’t give a damn, but if the CEO agrees, why does the customer have to “find” something and then do some stupid “thumbs up” exercises?

Of course, the game is transparent. On some esoteric meta-level there is agreement because you know the pros are right. But since you have no resources, don’t feel like it, or other reasons, you ask for “votes” and then in 2 years the Inc. will say: yes, we had a “poll” there in the past, but not that many people were interested.

And it is precisely this kind of one-way communication from someone who eagerly emphasizes that he values open and honest communication & feedback that threw my emotional well-being off balance in the past.


There was never a need for. He wants to have a future with his company so he needs paying customers every time. Without the company would immediately wind up.

And that is one of the problems.

I’m coming to the conclusion that this doesn’t seem to be the case. For whatever reason. Anyway, that’s not normal.

at least he drives the company and collects money from the users. Everything else is no problem. When and if he get’s enough all days he will be able to run the company for ten decades long without any change.

Or different: if USERS want a change they can only decide by self with the payment they do. No payment: no money in the pockets. and then the process could start. As long as the users are transferring their Money: they will provide a future for the company. And guess what: when and if you are a user with a big code bench behind you: you will pay before it breaks apart. Normal reaction.

People who continue to pay for Xojo to support the company fuel the notion that well they keep paying us for it so we must be doing something right

Loss of revenue is the ONLY influential metric they have to tell if people are/are not happy
User polls dont matter
Votes on bug reports dont matter

But OMG our revenue crashed will matter


So what is the deal with him anyway, is he independently wealthy / has more money than sense? I thought he was simply ego blind, but he does put up thoughtful / philosophical posts at times that suggest he has at least some self awareness. He’s not presenting as an overt a*hole. Which could have a lot of explanations but one of them is that Xojo is just effectively his personal playground and he wants to do the things he wants to do, and, conversely, doesn’t want to do the things he doesn’t want to do. And his lack of concern for the consequences, which folks here often equate with blindness or incompetence, may simply be privilege. Does anyone have enough background on him to know if I’m on to anything here?

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volume., say We don't have enough people to answer the phones.

Except when there's literally a gun to one's head, lying is always a bad idea.

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Lol ok opportunistic capitalism and “do as I say, not as I do”, disguised as wisdom of the ages then.

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WOW… Irony.


11 years working there revealed a LOT of this to me

No - Geoff wouldn’t. He comes across as a nice guy.
But, he’s ALWAYS right. And smarter than everyone else in the room.
Regardless of topic. Not that he’s stupid - he’s not.
But you will VERY VERY VERY rarely hear him say “Oh gee I was wrong about …”

Sometimes it’s because he literally doesnt understand the thing that people are asking for.
I’d quote the discussion about using interfaces for the fiasco that became API 2 and renaming methods, properties and events, but its buried in their beta forum.
His response to that was clear he had no idea about interfaces and the reason to use them.

And YES - Xojo is “his company” for all intents & purposes and he is driving it to where he thinks he wants it to go
Which isnt what many professional full time developers want to see


Seems like Xojo should have links to Issues on the Docs page so you can find out what’s the bugs are for the thing you’re trying to learn about…

Looks like a traditional ‘quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi’ approach.

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Our spiritual leader recommends: ‘lower your expectations’

Nothing to add…

Grandpa always taught dad and me “do the very best job you know how to”
And its corollary “you can always learn to do better”

Settling for less ISN’T my nature


Xojo’s documentation IS an issue. This is the worst I have ever seen in a commercial development platform. Somehow it reflects the construction site Xojo is internally. Huh - and I didn’t manage to lower my expectations after paying for a license.

Everyone send Geoff Perlman your doc fixes fast!

Bugs REALLY need to be listed in Docs…

While cross referencing bugs in the docs would be nice I dont see them wanting to do that
It would be bad publicity to publicly acknowledge the bugs IN the docs themselves

Although it would also then be possible to see the progress in fixing things since the older docs would list issues and newer ones wouldn’t after the bug is fixed

As a user I’d like to see them cross referenced
But I can see why Xojo wouldn’t want to

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a) He doesn’t want someone else telling him how to run his business.
b) I don’t want to be told that bugs for me are not bugs, or not critical, etc.

I respect a)
He respects b)

=> c) I finally escaped :wink:

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To read that you escaped is something they could not know. They believe that all users want to come back and I would make a bet that - if you speak with Mr. P. - he will speak to you to come back while it is sooo convenient to use Xojo…what shall I say. You are one of the guys everybody thought:okay, could be one of the next MVP. But. Then you escaped and changed to another world and as far as I can see: you may not come back to Xojo while you are happy with that you have now. And that many people are not understanding while they still rant against Xojo but they are not changing the underlaying problem: Xojo itself will not change anything in its policy. And this not changing makes it in my eyes impossible that Xojo will come to a good situation at all.

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