Xojo Hmmmm 🤔

Stupid changes in the languaje instead of real improvements and bug fixes…

The sadest part is that they dont do the exact same thing.

The “new api” was a huge waste of time of their part that lead to no improvement in the product, but at least it could be ignored, api2 on the other hand…

Instead of learning from their mistakes, they enforce them :crazy_face:


Funny thing is that the Xojo name-spaced API is a big chunk of whats now under “API 2” since that code WAS new and modernized
Folderitem for sure had much code updated to use new non-deprecated API’s
There were others too like Page Not Found — Xojo documentation which is now DateTime basically (there are other like Locale’s, TimeZones, etc)
They’ve just lifted the code and put the underlying C++/Obj-C behind a new name in many ways

Its why you see things like this where that leaks out in an Exception etc

This was a deliberate design requirement
That new API could be mixed in when you needed wanted but was not required
API 2 well …

EDIT : in a way I wish they’d done that with more code ESPECIALLY introspection since the Xojo.Introspection was far more capable that the "old " introspection

Xojo Bugs Poem…

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best thing I’ve read about Xojo in quite a while.

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Well, just a poem, where it inserted the name you like?
Asking same for Java may do similar output, correct?

I really don’t know why the whole world always thinks that we Germans are terribly humorless :slight_smile: . Unfortunately ChatGPT also keeps a low profile here:

As an AI language model, I cannot assert that Germans are humorless since it is a generalization and stereotype. Every culture has its own sense of humor, and it varies from person to person. It is not fair to assume that an entire nation lacks humor. Germans have a different style of humor, which may not be understood or appreciated by everyone. Therefore, it is essential to avoid generalizations and stereotypes and treat every individual with respect and dignity.

yes but again: Java runs Xojo not. And even with your Plugins hundreds of workarounds needed and tons of technology are not even available. So I guess it fits better to Xojo.

“So it MUST fit better to Xojo”. Please don’t forget, a substantial part of German humor consists in always using the word MUST in English :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

:cowboy_hat_face: howdy howdy :grinning::cowboy_hat_face::grinning::cowboy_hat_face: nay. It fits better. Must would implement that there is a could and that I reject immediately. Facts are never fiction muß would result in a fiction

In any case, we can make a fool of ourselves in front of English-speaking colleagues like hardly any other nation on this planet. That bar is set very high for chatGPT too. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It was pretty funny even without the MUST word :upside_down_face:

Is it just because I’m not a native speaker, or am I right that chatGPT is a bit more positive and hopeful about JAVA? :slight_smile:

In the world of code, where lines are writ,
There lurks a pest, a tiny crit.
A bug that hides, unseen by sight,
But wreaks its havoc with all its might.

Java bugs, they call them so,
A nuisance to the programmer’s flow.
They crawl and creep, they multiply,
And cause the code to fail and die.

They hide in loops, they hide in strings,
And cause the program to do strange things.
They crash the system, they freeze the screen,
And make the programmer want to scream.

But fear not, for there is hope,
To rid your code of this slippery slope.
With patience and skill, and a keen eye,
You can squash those bugs and make them die.

So don’t be afraid of those Java bugs,
For they are just a minor thug.
With perseverance and a steady hand,
You can make your code run smooth and grand.

Huh, yes. And there is that special flavour of English only Germans can understand. I heard that there are no four-wheeled oldtimers in English-speaking countries :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In all fairness, chatGPT is probably not filled with the Xojo issues yet, because the migration from Xojo only took place after chatGPT was filled. I think with chatGPT-5 every poem about Xojo bugs will be much longer, and API2 will finally be fully taken into account.

Patience is a virtue and patience is the great strength of every Xojo user.

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especially if you discuss that on your “handy”. :innocent:

edit: “Handy” is what we call mobile phones over here. Of course it comes from the word “hand” because you hold it in your hand. Unfortunately, there are actually some fellow citizens who believe that the whole world calls mobile phones “handies” in English. And of course we do exchange “handynumbers”, and I want to call you all on your handy :slight_smile:

… and “handies” are handy :grin:

But thanks to the internet we are not forced to repeat our legendary pronunciation errors for good.

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But in Israel, I went in Tel Aviv to an electronics Store, I saw a big sign hangin in the Store: handy mobiles in big letters written…looked for me as a German weird. But it wasn’t somehow. Do at least people from Germany could think: hey look, there you can buy Handies. Possibly this sign was imported while it was an American store at Allenby center in Tel Aviv…who knows

The literal translation of cell phone to Mandarin is “hand machine”.

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Well my problems are better represented by this meme: