Xojo Hmmmm 🤔

correct, in the best case one is simply not understood. In the worst case, you fly out of the pub, shop, business… or you end up on the wrong floor with the elevator :slight_smile: .

Great modern mobiles are handy, aren’t they?

Israelis and Americans are just smart business people, there is something for every tourist nation in their marketing :slight_smile: . A bit like Xojo: promising everything but their IDE is everything but not handy.

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Toda raba Karen. Yes. I am yiddish.



It’s like you got a look at my source code. I feel personally attacked. :slight_smile:


Wow such nice ordered code

So that’s how devices get bricked.


A true genius move:

I came up with the idea for API 2 precisely because I believed the API was accumulating cruft.



I saw that and figured it would get linked here.

I had to read it twice. Yes, he really said that he had the insight to not give too much weight to the words of members of his own forum, with it being disproportionately composed of non-typical users. He said he learned this from Microsoft’s experience with VB. His responsibility is to his typical users.

Makes me think of Nixon and his Silent Majority. That remark dates me :slight_smile:

Overall, I personally am a satisfied customer (from what I gather, because my focus is desktop), yet I still found that treatise to be mind-boggling.


The treatise has an unhealthy quantity of ‘I’. Much more ‘I’ than ‘customer’ or ‘developer’.

So basically pros and long time hobbyist / “citizen developers” who’s needs/desires increased the more experience they got…

To me that was the clearest indication that they see their primary target market as beginners, and beginners who don’t want/need grow too much as coders…

It’s not that one can’t do more with Xojo, it just that they have decided they can’t compete with mainstream alternatives and decided to stop trying.

Which is why they are trying to sell themselves as “low code”, which they are not.

The “atypical” fourm and NUG members are whom I learned the most from, and without whom I would not have stayed with the product.



I think their “low code” is just a rebranding of RAD, done for no reason other than that it’s the new shiny.

But in the “treatise” he said that he answered to no one, and hence didn’t have to chase shinies. :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer this quote:

It means we have to carefully design Xojo so that users aren’t exposed to things until they need them. That’s not easy at all to do but it CAN be done. It just takes a lot more effort.

He finally admits that it takes a lot of work to implement thousands of bugs and find ways to sweep them under the rug?

I don’t know if it’s because I read that narcissistic text at 5am, but it’s definitely pathological. Anyway, a fantastic way to spoil my day. At least I now understand why there are declares in Xojo iOS and I can find my peace with Xojo. It’s not their fault, it’s just who they are.

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This is for the record. In case the post gets flagged and removed in TOF:

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Thank you. I already sent a copy to hello@moma.org :wink:

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I have encountered several of the ‘it’s all about Me’ type CEOs. It never went well for the company, customers and staff.
This hubristic piece is embarrassing, even to the standards of TOF. No one dared adding a comment to it. Not the CEO’s subordinates, nor the MVPs or any other member.

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Understandable, as a doctor I would also be afraid that it is something contagious. I take my hat off to the users who have put a like, the world belongs to the brave, but you can also quickly destroy your CV with a few mouse clicks.

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True, but in this particular case I’m more concerned about the mental health of the author. As a quick application for America’s Got Talent, I’d let the lyrics pass and find them original. Maybe he just copied from the wrong email? None of us are getting any younger and we learned from Xojo that annoying mistakes can happen very quickly. It doesn’t help much if you’re a genius.

A stable genius? :crazy_face: