Xojo Hmmmm 🤔

As is well known, a picture says more than 1000 words and around 2010 not only the disease manifested itself, but also the problems with Xojo. Coincidence?

Mel Brooks’ excellent comedy ‘High anxiety’ comes to my mind. The story goes that the inmates take over management of the institution.

I’ve read this post several times and I’m not sure what point he’s trying to make.


Despite all the shenanigans, I have to agree with Geoff completely on one thing:

You also have to be willing to throw out what isn’t good enough and replace it with what is.

That was the highest sphere of knowledge that I was able to reach in over 15 years of Xojo.

This sentence is genius indeed and deserves to appear in the header of every Xojo documentation page. I think it should even show up in Xojo’s popup when loading the plugins at startup.

That he was the best teacher for some students without understanding why?

That one is cringeworthy!

Is there an English equivalent for the German word ‘Fremdscham’?

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Mr Xojo puts himself on par with Mr Jobs.

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Oh boy…

Both spoke of the “Next Big Thing”, one delivered.

Do you know who delivered?
  • That was Steve Jobs
  • That was NOT Geoff Perlman

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The entire problem is that many people standing in the middle of that loss of reality. And that is in my case impossible to handle. That people believe that they have with Xojo a real cross platform tool is for me unbelievable. There is no way for it in times where we have Python, Java, C++. Since QT can be dynamically linked to be used as free Software and so C++ is really a charming Solution. Java with the Toolchains around can build Applications for example with JavaFX for Desktop, Mobile and the Web with one Code.

There is no Threading. In times where Java is implementing internal virtualizing so Threads with low level needs of performance are not taking an OS native Thread but an internal handled Java Thread and blocking threads are stopped until the blocking is stopped Mr. Perlman decides that Xojo Users would shoot in their knees with Threading I have no questions anymore. That is also a real sign for a basic Language in the words simplest meaning.

Xojo is not and will not be a Cross-Platform-Solution and also it will not be a professional solution. And that is not only beginning from that moment on. The simple thing Perlman does is: he decided that he does not want to take care of the bugs for pro’s like before. But anyhow he wasn’t.

When Perlman compares himself to Steve Jobs that is a JOKE and not truths. This Apple comparing of Xojo Company makes one Mistake. Jobs did many good Stuffs for Apple.His Visions were helping. But also he was not only the Brilliant. And always he had a Design Team behind. That makes a difference. Without a Team it is impossible to work like him. While he was not the only Developer there was enough Team around to develop stuffs.

And Apple still delivers. M1-2-3. Innovation for the entire market. That is something no Company else did. Where is the Innovation of Xojo? simply: There is non.

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We should probably allow ourselves the time for a small pictorial summary of an interim result.

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I respectfully disagree. There are true innovations in the field of marketing :wink:

He is definitely right about something. This is exactly where Xojo Inc. is right now… :grin:

If you shoot for the stars, you usually at least land in the trees.


Oh yeah. NO. That is not innovation to decide: I am not speaking truths to the customers.

Brilliant! You made my day!

Xojo Bot in the pilot’s seat, shutting down the engines mid-flight because nobody took care of them for 2 years in a row.

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You don’t either? I knew that you are German, Israeli and a rocker, I didn’t know about the Mafiosi, even if I had a vague suspicion here and there :slight_smile: .

Sigmund Freud would print out this thread in 2023 :slight_smile:

Edit: changed “you were” into “you are”, please excuse the necrology.

fake news. There were some typos in the new documentation and the pilot believed that he should shut down the engines. At least this time it was good that the team wasn’t as big as it should have been.

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When I was in school I started hating people cutting the sentence to have a partially one with an entire different result. It is what it is. The rocker could become a problem for you :slight_smile:

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