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I’m afraid I’ll soon have a problem with the Inc. without rockers around me. I promise to only quote you form now onwards with […] to indicate that you had more to say - but I don’t think anyone here will doubt that :slight_smile:

That’s not needed at all. As ou know my running speed is not that high. And that means: you will always be able to run faster. That is without any chance for me. So :white_flag:

I will invite you for a good cup of Coffee/Tea.

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morning @HalGumbert my gift to you :slight_smile:

i know it will you happy
your welcome

Makes sense.Learning effect. Simple. He get#s from Sony what he by self is doing with his Product. His Playstation is banned while Sony means: hey, you violated our rules with your Playstation so Server entrance is not allowed, you are banned. Sounds exactly like the things he is doing with People in Xojo Forum which he does not like anymore. So we would have to realize: he is doing the same to his Customers and they can comply against but nothing is helping. Like Sony is doing. But in the end somebody is reflowing him to get Server contact.

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The stable genius just got caught red handed:



Exactly my thoughts. He should replace his name by mine, and Sony by Xojo and he could understand how I felt about the latest communication with him. The only small difference is that Sony is not lying to him. That’s good news, sounds like a job opportunity for him as a senior platinum marketing consultant for them.

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Man oh man I really have better things to do than logging back in there to leave a like. But there are things that you just have to take the time for.

Heck, when I brought it up with Thom and told him how I wanted it to work, he said, “No one does it this way.” After he spent some time prototyping it, things clicked and he realized that what I was suggesting made sense.

Unbelievable, just unbelievable.


Once you see it, it’s hard to not see the hypocrisy.

You also have to be willing to throw out what isn’t good enough and replace it with what is.

Geoff is right. That’s why I replaced Xojo Web with PHP.


Oh my gosh, no more quotes from our “stable genius” - it hurts!
By the way it’s time to update your facepalm picard memes to current version…


A grandiose narcissist in full display. I am watching this, drawn between consternation and laughing.

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their is a synonym for this in German, that word starts with a capital A, is not nice but to the point :wink:


Going back a step further, I’m not certain the analysis of the article about VB6 vs VB.NET is all that accurate. The real reason that VB.NET was markedly different from VB6 is that it had to sit on top of the .NET framework. There’s a tension between backward compatibility and cohesion with the rest of the .NET ecosystem. The article acts like not sufficiently catering to amateur / “citizen” devs was the fatal mistake in VB.NET’s lack of popularity.

The reality IMO is that by catering to amateurs and making entry easy at the expense of encouraging good habits, they built up technical debt and unsustainable strategies that .NET simply made manifest. And then they were tone-deaf around handling the transition and investing in transitional tooling.

And the same is true of Xojo. You need the relatively casual users but you also need all that atop a structure that is architecturally sound and doesn’t mean that to go past a certain point in developing your coding and design skills, you have to abandon the product for something more robust. Also, this level of instability in the product is unacceptable to casual and serious devs alike, which means they all tend to leave over that at some point.

So all this binary, either/or talk about Xojo’s audience misses the point. You need both, and you have to take feedback from both, and make both feel valued, AND keep the product reliable. And yeah that’s not easy, but Geoff is at least saying he doesn’t mind challenges.

And all this post hoc rationalization for the clearly failed API2 strategy that sucked up scarce dev resources for a long time and just pissed many if not most users off … that’s just delusional. He’s ego invested in that decision and will defend it to the death.

In a sense, it doesn’t matter because what’s done is done. It would just be nice if he was able to acknowledge it as a misstep and have some take-aways from it to dogfood back into his process, so that we’d have some basis to think it’s a class of mistake that is less likely to be repeated going forward.


100%, I’ve seen a lot of narcissists and superheroes, but Steve Jobs the second’s writing breaks the bottom.

It’s not just my feeling of being ashamed of him, but downright annoyed that even one EUR was transferred to the crazy boss of this place. His behavior is not normal, it is highly pathological.

If I were employed there and had to read this, I would clear my desk immediately and wish him a happy life.

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Absolutely. I left more than one employer because of the CEO being a grandiose a…
After a tenure of a decade of such a CEO the place is purged, only yes-people remain.

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Well said, but from the way he articulates and argues, it is not presumptuous to conclude that his behavior will not change, and no insight can be expected either.

It’s all very Putin-esque how he twists the truth and ignores reality. In any case, I have no sympathy for this disrespectful, childish, stubborn, know-it-all kind.

With great power comes great responsibility. It’s good that neither the product nor he has any measurable power in the market.

For a long time I tried to convey, to gloss over, to understand, when others were already angry and understood that you can talk to a fish just as well. But I too can only make the sad statement that there is no hope and enough is enough.


Spot on. Geoff Perlman is just dividing the community. I’m not sure why, other than as a mental shield.

The entire Xojo audience needs bugs fixed. No one needed Web 1.0 to be tossed in the dumpster. The idea of API 2 was good to make everything use 0 based arrays, but why rename over having a 0 based function along with the 1 based function? No one wanted DesktopButtons, WebButtons, iOSButtons.

It’s a shame.

I’m glad it’s been memorialized. It’s either going to be a case where all of us missed true genius and will be a case study in “throwing out what isn’t good” and persevering through all of the naysayers. Or a case study in narcissistic corporate leadership bolstered by historical revisionism as a warning sign of future failure. Only time will tell.


I’m afraid, you still don’t get it!

You were an end user, you didn’t embark on the messiah and like me you didn’t have perseverance.

All we had to do was continue walking the switchbacks, getting up despite our injuries and listening more carefully to the words of the Lord. Then we would still not be enlightened today, but we would be able to see the Throne of the Almighty by its shadows in the soft spring haze. We could also exchange ideas personally and feast on waterfalls made of honey on the green meadows of an android-free kingdom.

You failed,
I failed,
and we are now both forever banished in the confusion of the php jungle and the Java disciples.