Xojo Hmmmm 🤔


If you notice any other entries that you feel belong in more than one section, please let me know.

Genius: Norman, please do my job, I can’t be bothered with this. :sweat_smile:

but using 2019rx and 2022rx offline can result in no license for one of them

A single page for “operators” with links from the various data type ages make ways more sense (like the old wiki had) but …

Yes this can and does happen from time to time
Not sure what the bug is there

Jeannot has his insects day

Very true. but what can I do with a Java ecosystems not having enough bugs? I’m just conditioned to get my daily dose of bugs after years of using Xojo!

I know. That’s why we are still here. to get the dose.

I opened Xjo today and saw this one on screen

something happened with the image upload ???


ah it didnt appear there at first hence why I asked

gremlins I guess

Issue 72403 is a real gem.

Bug? One would think that the would see this as implementation of a feature request :slight_smile: - at least it gives the end user a feeling that they have quality management under good control and document every bit of information :slight_smile:

what thread?

I guess you mean this: To renew or not to renew, that's a hard one - General - Xojo Programming Forum

Yeah, and the mentality of the sheeps are mindnumbing


Oh right, thanks @Varandor!

That was a copy-paste error.

muhaha… some are risking a ban in TOF :wink:
while some clearly forgot the Irony-Tags

Did they? DID THEY?!?!?

One will come as the Child of an Idiot.

This is how German humor works :slight_smile: