Xojo Banning and Deleting Posts

But is anyone HERE lying? No, I don’t think so, perhaps exaggeration due to frustration, but unlike the lies published by Xojo… This forum pushes back… Xojo has devolved to a bunch of scared people, led by an Arrogant, Egotistical CEO (fyi, it was THAT description that got ME banned)

You can believe what you wish. I posted this:


That got deleted.

Then I posted about it getting deleted and that got deleted. Then I posted about that. That got deleted and I posted again about being deleted.

Sure I posted about my deletes three times in a row, but is that a reason to ban someone?

You don’t get any warnings for a minute or two after the fact. And the warning you get is vague.

You can read at the top of this thread about the specifics.

I didn’t attack anyone. I was on topic. It just that Dana didn’t like being replied to. She suggested that it was off topic and I was suggesting that it WAS ON TOPIC.

So I was banned for that…

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I didn’t say anybody was lying. What I mean is this forum ends up being a place for complaining. It’s cathartic at times, but in general the tone here is frequently negative.

I understand. The posts getting deleted should have served as a warning. It should have been obvious they weren’t going to stay. You were poking the bear. I absolutely do not agree with the length of the ban, but I don’t disagree with why it happened. I would do the same on my Discord server in a similar situation… just not for life.

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Should have, but wasn’t. I didn’t get the actual warnings until afterward.

Dana and Alyssa love to say they send multiple warnings and such before banning. That’s true, but you don’t get the warnings until after you are banned.

So you can think I deserve it all you want, but they did the same things to Norm, Dave, and Thorsten. I’ll be here to say you deserved it when you eventually get banned.

The point is Negative is anything that is contrary to what Xojo insists is reality… So how can the comments here be construed as “Negative” when in fact they are expressing what WE percieve to be the reality of the situation. Complaining? sure, since critisism (constructive or not) is immediately removed from the official forum, leaving this as the only outlet for our comments. Do we think our complaints will result in corrective action? Of course not, history has already proven that Xojo has embarked on a self-destructive path, and I personally am sitting back with my :popcorn: and watching the :fire: grow larger

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Goooood its good to be at the INN and B4X forums, noone banning anyone… healthy discussions allowed :stuck_out_tongue::grinning:


@HalGumbert How many times have you received a warning on TOF, not just on the last occasion?

Once before. Same thing happened. Xojo deleted my post, then I posted about why it was deleted.

Alyssa and Dana never give you a chance to find out what rule you broke. First it’s you broke the rules with a link to the rules. But then they don’t tell you which rule unless you ask over and over. In the end they give you a generic rule that is overly vague like “didn’t improve the discussion”.

With that rule half the posts on the Xojo forums should be deleted.

Instead they could delete or hide the post leaving it there but not readable and then post something like
" the above post was deleted due to the rule xyz."

Instead you get emails that you don’t see until way afterwards.

Like I said, they set it up this way so they can say “we give multiple warnings”.

But that assumes what I posted was worthy of deletion.

It’s not about the warnings, it’s about why posts are being deleted that don’t merit being deleted.

I had multiple warnings: I got a few messages where Anthony and others told me that I should do stuffs different and I was doing that. The warning was: I could not login anymore and was banned for 1000 Years.

Iirc it was your attempt to sing Queen.

another one bites the dust

Interesting, the wording on their site implies that you can repeat violations between warnings. If that wasn’t the case then I’d bring it to their attention.

As for Kem’s comment, I find disappointing to see him slip into the same mindset as xojo staff or start to not take as much care as he should in his moderation role.

Any other version, including calling any of his posts in the last year, at least, “useful” or “helpful” is gaslighting

I checked back over your last year’s posts and there are some that were helpful so his statement is incorrect and just serves to lower any perceived impartiality in his moderation.


Classic case of amity-enmity

OK I’ll admit I am NOT a great singer but 1000 year ban ???

TBH I know the rule about “negative influence” didnt exist until I was banned for it
Whether it was added moments before banning me, or immediately after, I dont know
But I had a copy of the “rules” from just a short while earlier and that one wasnt there

It seemed very “made up as we go”


What I can tell you is traffic on this site has bumped up the more they do this

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Well Alyssa’s reply on the latest topic says the goal: “This forum is for helping Xojo users use Xojo.”

That’s it.

We’re used to much more freedom from the NUG and old Real Software Forum. As I said, the Xojo Forum is a marketing tool. Marketing’s job is to make sure Xojo is seen positively.

The reality is [those of us left] need to be careful.

It’s not only marketing but also their support cause they have none while to less engineers….


That is precisely one of the differences between a company primarily engineering driven and one primarily Marketing driven… and why they don’t care for Pro’s and long time users anymore, as they tend to be more influenced by quality of the engineering/design decisions/execution than marketing hype.

New users, particularly hobbyists and “citizen developers”, tend to not realize the issues for a few years.



Thankfully more or less normal sized (I think), but I do have a strong tendency towards irony …

Are you sure? I can still see it …

I guess it is down to a mixture of a siege mentality at Xojo (so if you do not agree with a moderator then they start feeling “harrassed” - they are VERY thin-skinned in that regard) and that Hal has moved on to a different tool - so Xojo decided to cut their losses.

I found it quite disturbing.

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