Xojo Banning and Deleting Posts

Dana Posted this:

So I replied:

They delete my message and I posted:

Then that was deleted and I posted:

Then I get an email with no info about the rule I broke for which I replied to the no reply email address and then resent to Dana, Alyssa, and Geoff.

Here’s the Xojo Forum notifications…

I was on topic and not attacking anyone. What rule did I break?

If you’re not careful your out there

I was careful and didn’t attack. But got punished anyway.

See I was not violating rules. All my posts were following to our lawyer not violating their rules. And I am banned

awww your post didnt “improve the discussion” (whatever that means)

despite the entire thread being a “Heads up heres our experience with the investment firm” that has now drifted off into cheerleading about xojo

somehow THOSE are on topic for that thread

EDIT : The irony of dana saying

Though not the topic of this thread, posts are rarely edited or deleted.
and several subsequent posts being immediately deleted

Massive irony.

So Alyssa posted:

I replied to find out what the reason was for the deletion of my post.

That was deleted. So four of my posts have been deleted.

Now I’m suspended:

I replied:

Sorry to see you go Hal, I can only imagine and cringe at the virtual high five’s going on in slack right now. It seems they had a nice bit of PR ready for the next ban, so sad.

So it’s now 5 users banned, which is 5% of their regular 100 “interactors” and is quite a high percentage considering 4 of those happened recently, I guess times are changing.

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Five as far as we know! But if I would not be banned I would get banned today anyhow so…

From XDC presenting Xanadu to banned and Xojo doesn’t consider there to be a problem. I’m just shaking my head here.

It really doesn’t matter about the 1000 year ban, but now I’ll just have to express myself here and twitter…


The frustrating part is that I didn’t break a rule.

Be welcome. I was not breaking a rule. I was destroying the cool aid drinkers environment. That they need for getting more new customers. Citizen Devs don’t want to read about problems, They want to read about the Power and the goods. The good and the bad but please not about the ugly

INN doesnt ban users, delete posts, or block folks from reading tweets or ban TOF folks from reading things here
Or any other such childish behaviour

We have ONE suggestion here - dont be an asshole


Who were the 4?


I’m one, Norman is one

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Those are not recent …I thought he meant in the last month or so by recent.


No. Norman, Dave and me are old ones. But we got banned from the same reasons