Xojo Banning and Deleting Posts

You must have done something really really bad.

All banned ones are not partially banned! They could if they would but…

I honestly have NO idea beyond being told that I was negative :man_shrugging:
Nothing more specific
And it appeared to be for posts NOT on the forums

Xojo is simply vindictive if you are critical. And that line keeps advancing.

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Sure. Xojo could do lots of things regarding how they handled this
They choose not to

Does seem there might be reason to make a complaint to Texas Attorney General for breach of contract since they tell you that buying/holding certain licenses has these things then take them away

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The focus is clearly wrong. And it hurts to see it. :pensive:

I’d agree but IF we’re just trolls, not critics or dissatisfied customers, then you can just ignore “trolls” :stuck_out_tongue:
And then everything the “trolls” say is ignorable.

It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that we are trolls because we’re trolls.

That they decide to label people who hold valid licenses as “trolls” is amazing
And, from my experience, unsurprising

I don’t hold a license currently, but I did from 1998 or so for about 20 some years.

And Sascha’s thread surely will be deleted, too.

That could happen. Especially because there are people who like to write something in threads that will definitely lead to a close . :wink:

Kem is lying.

You don’t get any warnings until afterwards and the warnings are vague. So vague that you don’t know what you did wrong. If you repost or post about your posts being deleted, they redelete and send more warnings which are also delayed.

So afer 60 seconds they say you were warned several times. But you don’t get the warnings until AFTER you are banned.

Kem is an MVP so he knows what’s really going on…

So we are gaslightning

Ah yes: and the thread is unlisted so nobody can see it anymore

no need to say more

They added a new “rule” to their policy to make this suspension meet the rules
Whether it was added before or after I have no idea

Quickly closed so nobody has even the chance to respond to Kem. Typical Xojo. This companies behaviour is rotten to the bone…

Now the employees have to go and like the MVPs comments :roll_eyes:

Thread Closed and Hidden. Now they can say that threads are not deleted? :rofl:

Dissenting threads seem to have been coming up more & more lately

This is really frustrating. Sorry Hal, but I believe you did earn a ban based on what I saw. However, definitely not a lifetime ban. 30 days max. It’s absurd to say “go away, we never want to see you again.”

The fact of the matter is the Xojo forum is a marketing tool. While I’m not a fan of the negativity of this forum, I’m a sponsoring member because I believe there needs to exist a place that is NOT controlled by the marketing department.

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Similar on Twitter. Hardly any likes/retweets from anyone not directly connected with Xojo.