What happens to Markus Winter?

The subject says all.

Maybe just has nothing to say ?
Folks come & go all the time

Maybe he lost the interest while silenced once cause of troublemaking? Possibly that’s why?

He always seemed very passionate to me, but also very focused. If you’ve successfully switched platforms, I’m not surprised if you stay away from the old retreat.

I dont know
I can see who visits and when
But not everyone that visits posts

I vow to get better :joy:


Event at xDev he is absent…

That doesn’t really surprise, does it? If some one would censor my article I would react the same way …


I was in that situation that Norman was writing me pm while too aggressive and so on. And that I shall edit what I wrote. If it’s deleted once I will go also. True. I I would be silenced once: byebye also. So simple.

His account here is active. You could PM him.

Pretty sure his departure at xDev was some time ago after he wrote an article that Xojo took exception to that xDev then issued a “mea culpa” more or less

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He definitely came across as hot blooded and a bit of mixed bag. He often shared some real useful wisdom, but at times I was tempted to respond with a “chill bro” (but we all know that generally results in the opposite). I wouldn’t have ever booted him. It’s too easy to scroll past things you don’t like. I wish him well.

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I’ve mentioned before that he was once brusque, even insulting to me in another forum. Nevertheless, my impression is that we would get on fine in person.

He has his own Style to fight for that what he believes. Seldom in our society. And also needed. And yes, sometimes it is too much for many people. Also for me. But still, he is not one of the unintelligent ones. And we need people with intelligence. So I am sad that we lost him for sure. And I would be happy if he would come back.

Great Minds Discuss Ideas
Average Minds Discuss Events
Small Minds Discuss People

Therefore this whole thread is quite useless

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It seems quite on par for ifnotnil: something more to gossip and whine about.

Only thing I want to cry is when I see your username while all times what you write is far away from reality.

The question was simply “Where’s Markus?”
Thats a fair question
He has visited but not posted
As for why - thats up to Markus’

I do think this is quite different from gossiping about a person which is, in my opinion, the general gist of the last part of your post


It is one thing to discuss people like you said. And one thing is when somebody disappears and is not coming back. Asking about a person is then not that what you wanted to implement to all persons posting in this thread.

Elon Musk’s son is still very young, we should just be patient for a few more years.