xDev Magazine Looking for Contributors

In the latest Xojo Newsletter (Sept 2021):

xDev Magazine Looking for Contributors

If you are interested then you have my blessing … :wink:

I would be interested but I saw what they have done with your text… :slight_smile:

And thanks for the blessing. I know now I will not end in hell.

That was pretty tongue-in-cheek from me as I consider religion the biggest scam in Humanity’s history …

As I once wrote:

People think of “Knights” as “valiant Knights in shining armour”, but for most of history they were armed thugs and gangs which build themselves a stronghouse (most often a simple tower as can still be seen in Ireland) and which terrorised the population into paying tribute, laying claim to their lands, lives, women.

As a Biologist you recognize a classic hunter-prey scenario, and in time (as hunters had done with animals) the hunters finally domesticated their prey to become landowners and farm their “workforce”. They solidated their “rule” by formalizing their relationship in titles (like Baron, Duke, King) and rules (you must bow to them). With the new riches that “farming” brought newer much bigger castles were being build.

What do we make of the priesthood then, a group that seemingly does not fall into either the hunter or the prey category. Well, there is another category in nature that feeds on hunters and prey alike: parasites.

Will you still be contributing to xdev Markus?

Oh not that you believe that I am a believing prayer. No. As scientist in Biophysics I have not much space for something metaphysical like praying and believing. Only thing I wanted was: doing a Joke. I have to care more about the content of my jokes especially when it becomes cynical and shows the face of exactly that form of religion. Which ever what ever.

Still haven’t heard a peep from Marc so I VERY much doubt it. And as it takes me (at a minimum of 8 hours per day) between 3 days and over 2 weeks to write an article (some need a LOT of background research plus several rewrites as I like to take things on that I have not done yet, like MapKit) for essentially pocket money (on average $100 per article) I have basically subsidised xDev massively (and at times I wrote 40% of the magazine).

So if you are interested to fill the gap go for it. I’m pretty sure others are MUCH faster writers than I am (and I have no idea how Eugene pushes out so many books).

Don’t worry, I hadn’t pegged you as the religious type either … :wink:

A large amount of daily sugar intake … lol…

I really doubt seriously if Xdev is going to find anyone interested in being a contributor from this site… seeing as to the reason most of us are here, rather precludes an large interest in such.

To paraphrase:
We are looking for a fresh blood and content such as

  • Xojo is great - make a hello world app
  • Xojo is awesome - make a text field app
  • Xojo for pros - make an html viewer
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Not to forget: Xojo for Web Professionals: make a web hello world