What do you like about the Xojo 2020 r1.2 IDE?

I gave you three things I liked :wink:

Sorry I should have said “the list of likes is really short” :slight_smile:

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Being able to drag&drop multiple methods is an improvement over RS.

Right-click > Unparent control comes in super handy!

I don’t think that’s true. I like all the stuff I don’t complain about. A lot of it is banal stuff that’s not really worthy of listing. It’s much easier to identify the pain points.

Overall it’s a great IDE.

you’re welcome for that one :slight_smile:

I know folks have a lot of bitches & complaints about it (really I do !) but there must be some things that are better than in other tools or at least particularly note worthy ?

Better than other tools and better than previous versions of the IDE are different things. :slight_smile:

I rarely use anything else, but whenever I venture over to .net it seems like it takes me forever to find and fix build settings. I never have that issue with xojo - there isn’t that much to change (for better or worse) and when I click build it just does what it’s supposed to.

I said earlier that I like the stability improvements.

I don’t know if it’s considered part of the IDE but I really like the ability to create events in Xojo. At the very least the way the IDE allows for it is very nice.

I also like the navigator and the way classes, events and properties are represented. I find it easy to wrap my brain around what’s happening with a well organized navigator.

Speaking of, I hope that doesn’t go away. My feeling is that each tab doesn’t need a navigator, it adds too many options, and that’s where it can get confusing. One navigator with tabs that open just one thing would be perfect in my opinion.

Performance, NO
Accesibility, NO
Autocomplete features, NO
Debuger features, NO
Looks, NO
Tabs working, NO

The ONLY aspect of the IDE that is different and has is the navigator and the way code is organized. However, it is also a problem because there is not an option to also edit the whole code of a class. Adding Constants, variables, etc, it is great for begginers, (reminds me Scratch) But really slows down you not being able to write them directly.

Compared to Real Studio? None, apart from fewer crashes.

I’d like to know who thought this

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 9.44.59 PM

would be better than this


Yeah that does suck.

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The squashing of the method signature pane is by a wide margin my least favorite thing about Xojo. The whole GUI is similarly lopsided; tons of unused screen space because everything is squaished into narrow panes.

That’s basically RealStudio.


Biting my tongue …


A couple years back Geoff showed off a revised IDE idea at one of the XDC Keynotes
Its on the roadmap I believe
And it mostly resorted to the “first tab is locked to JUST be the project overview” and then other tabs were specific items
I’ll see if I can locate the keynote that was in
Geoff mentions it in the 2091 keybote 2019 keynote

and on the roadmap
7. IDE Navigation Changes to the Xojo IDE to make navigating your projects faster, easier and more intuitive.

Now THAT’S forward planning! :slight_smile:


Please, god.

heh - what I get for typing late at night and not proof reading

Thanks for all of the great comments everyone, and keep them coming if there is something else you see.

In summary so far, it seems like there is room for improvement. Here are a list of some of the points, and feel free to correct me if I misinterpreted them:

  1. RB and REALStudio appears to have a better GUI layout than Xojo
  2. The older IDE’s are more efficient and present more data to the programmer
  3. The Xojo IDE appears to have more white-space that promotes more button-clicking
  4. Older IDE’s are faster (compiling, updating, less flickering) than Xojo’s newer IDE
  5. Xojo’s newer IDE has nicer looking graphics (buttons are more 3D-like, etc.)
  6. RB and REALStudio are closer to the Visual Basic IDE style
  7. Mixed reviews about floating pallets – for and against
  8. RB and REALStudio are only 32-bit whereas Xojo is 32-bit and 64-bit for newer OS’s.
  9. Familiar language with RB and REALStudio IDE.
  10. The language and IDE are blended – difficult to discuss one without the other since the two are integrated
  11. Other languages/IDE (Python, C++, Objective C, etc) are fast compared to Xojo IDE/Language
  12. Numerous unfixed and old bugs with each new/improved version in the IDE/Language
  13. Logic is not clear when working with tabs
  14. IDE focus issues that use unclear logic
  15. More drag-and-drop options in Xojo
  16. UnParent controls is good
  17. Less options in Xojo when compared to .NET provides less time to search for the programmer
  18. Creating events is nice
  19. Positive aspects about the Xojo IDE navigator
  20. Poor performance, accessibility, autocomplete, debugger features, looks, and tab issues.
  21. Unclear method name listing and parameter viewing for programmers