What do you like about the Xojo 2020 r1.2 IDE?

Roadmap item #7 suggests that efficiency is back in vogue

I like the stability. I was using 2018r3 (for compatibility reasons) and that things would die on me every couple of hours. Search was the most common way to bring the whole IDE down and lose work.

Edit: I HATE that new projects default to API 2.0. I’ve been requesting Xojo to add the option to choose which API when creating a new project, the work arounds suggested by Xojo don’t work either. I am slowly learning to trust myself and my terrible spelling.

That one should just read “return to the old RS IDE style where folks never got lost and fix the other UI glitches it had”

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Good information Joseph. I missed that. :slight_smile:

Yeah; I don’t think efficiency was ever out of vogue. It is just there was this thought in Xojo that BIG buttons and lots of empty spaces is cool for some reason. And some implicit acceptance that creeping slowness on every new version was acceptable. I never have understood that, but the few times I dared to mentioned anything the response was always the same; new computers are faster and full of memory and huge drives. It is as if the old MS devs were role models for the Xojo IDE devs.

To me this statement: “easier and more intuitive” is completely opposite to “faster and efficient” in XOJO lingo. Those two first words were the same exact words that were used when the new IDE was introduced. Not holding my breath. Hope I get proven wrong; but if there is no new blood to introduce a “fresh” look at the IDE, why would it be different this next go around.

I didn’t renew for about 5 years while working on some python data science projects. Came back this year and that was my first observation. Crazy slow. I think a lot of folks have just gotten used to it. They should get out more and try some competitors, it’s a widening gap.

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Can we bring this back on to Eugene’s question ?
While there are valid complaints are there things you LIKE about the current IDE ?

…and then there was silence… :grimacing:


It’s so easy to get lost in the IDE.

In the screenshot below I filtered the Navigator and I’m still shown some code. From somewhere. How many years is the “new” IDE now old? 5 years?

They can’t even fix the lock in the tabs.

ahhh… i encounter last night that the lock on tab does not work

I think I about covered that Norm…

Does this mean that the appearance of the tabs look nicer in RB2007 r3? Or do the tabs physically look ok, but the tabs are buggy? Or, should the tabs be removed altogether?

What MS devs? My old VB6 IDE worked faster and smother on my old Single core Celeron 533Mhz Than Xojo in my 4,60 GHz i7.

Are not the same words used for API 2?

What really bothers me is the eternal state of DENIAL. xojo is allways blaming the OS or the
user’s machine. They say we don’t see that problem here, must be only you. And many users really believe in them, so, the censorship on the other forum, plays it’s part in their deception.

As a what amounts to a text editor displaying static images, it’s hard to imagine what the IDE has to struggle with.

The layout you see IS a real layout drawn into a picture - there are real controls backing everything. DrawInto is used extensively (I’ve said this many times before). Some bits are done in Objective-C on macOS. Its not JUST static images

Nor is it “just a text editor”
If it were autocomplete would not work nor would many other things
Otherwise it would be BBedit with no grammar files for syntax coloring etc


Like the floating palettes, the build settings section, the search bar.

Double clicking a method for instance opens a new tab which doesn’t make any sense.
Now and then I manage to lose the focus of a tab and it goes somewhere.
Now and then I manage to make the tab say “No selection” or something like that.

OK so theres nothing anyone LIKES about the current IDE (since this thread has turned into a “what I hate about the currentIDE” thread ?)

The only thing I like better about the current IDE is that it looks nice. All of that falls apart once you start using it, but on first opening it looks fresh.