What do you like about the Xojo 2020 r1.2 IDE?

What do you like about the current Xojo 2020 r1.2 IDE? As almost all of us have created many types of IDE’s for clients, as a hobby, and fun, what would you like to see added? Here are a couple of screen grabs of the old and new IDE.

RB2007 R3

Xojo 2020 R1.2

2007R3 looks way better. Wish I could skin the current one to look like that. Looks so efficient and compact!


2007 still feels more ‘productive’ to me.


Yep, I like the IDE much better. I could look at the right-side of the IDE for a complete list of the control options and pick-and-choose what I would like. 2007 r1.2 seemed more detailed and complete IMHO.

I ran a few ‘Hello World’ programs and I can’t believe how fast 2007 r1.2 was. It was only 32-bit back then.

Things have become slower every year.

So far not one post about “Things I like about the current IDE” :stuck_out_tongue:

The only one I can think of is “It’s not on my computer”.


well not to be an outlier… .but I hate the 2007 IDE … it looks like a fugitive from the 90’s


Lots of people tend to agree. What would you change to make it better?

It reminds me of Visual Basic 6. Do you like the newer version better? Or something else?

The Xojo IDE could be profiled and optimized in a few ways to make things faster.
It should fly on a computer like a Raspberry Pi for beginners.
And then my Mac should handle huge projects faster than it does now.

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the 2007 version reminds of of VB… not saying the current one is great… .but in my opinion far better than the older ones

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I always use floating pallets and that makes it look fine to me, but when side by side like this the 2007 one looks professional and the new one looks a bit toy town, I don’t mind the VB6ness of it at all.

another question is which one has more bugs in it and how many of the 2007 bugs are still there?

I’m not allowed to say :slight_smile:

I completely agree that the performance is much faster 0n 2007. After running a few programs the IDE and programs were very fast, although only 32-bit.

it much quicker counting up to 32 than it is to 64, obvs

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I have heard that some (many?) like the floating pallets. My slight personal preference is to have all the controls on one window. Maybe its a legacy Windows preference of mine?

I ran a few of the example programs, and there are bugs. The bugs seem like they are dated. An example is the Chess.rbp which has the following error:

When the rbp file was moved to my desktop then there was an error with a global object.

I ran the bejeweled.rbp program and it works well. Pressing compile and running the program was almost instantaneous :slight_smile:

interesting thought, perhaps, I started using like this as I had a tiny screen on my laptop (when I first used Xojo) and it got me more code writing space, I still do it now with 2x4k monitors, I like how the pallets hide when you focus on a different window so you get that space back when not directly using the IDE.