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It’s tiring and frustrating to find apps where development expediency was prioritized over quality. Example: the #SmarTrip app looks like it feel out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Do it right or don’t do it at all.

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FFS, that guy is seriously an idiot, its not even funny.

I cant even think of a context he would be able to say that and it not look ok.

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It has nothing to do with being an idiot. It has exactly to do with a policy of xoxo inc for releasing software for newbie users. Needs all day new functionality, has to look like the Swiss knife of Software development. Look like. Not be the Swiss knife. While that wouldn’t be completely possible we have leaks in all edges. But while he has his turnaround he is - it is hard to say - with this form successful. Why he should have been focused on Pro users? There are many more citizen users which want to start with something smart, smarter than Java or QT/C++. Smarter than everything. That show he plays and he gets new users.

There is always in stories like this a point where that stops. But that he will only realize when it is to late.

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Pretending that it’s not Mr. Perlman, with all the pot/kettle stuff being implied, is there any reaction to what he actually wrote? Just asking. :slight_smile:



Wow, just wow. Take a look at some of my outstanding 260+ verified/reproducible bugs Geoff, five year old bugs that are glaring quality issues for Windows users and some that make your product unusable.

It makes me so sad to think about Anthony having to waste his time trying to convince Geoff that he needs more testers and Geoff taking over an hour to realise the fact. Oh brilliant and they have the audacity to make a post about trolling, Geoff is the biggest troll around. I swear I can almost hear the fingers tapping on a future blog post already.



Dear Geoff Perlman

SmarTrip is an App which is written for Cross Platform use. Written with a Cross Platform Tool which is lightyears ahead of your Xojo Technology. Lightyears ahead of your knowledge. And last but not least: lightyears ahead of your Idea that everything has to be native. This App can be used on Android and IOS. In the same simple wise, always with the same UI. The Idea behind: usability. And it runs stable and reliable. That is ahead of Xojo. Why? While there is no real reliable and stable IOS ans there is NO ANDROID. So what you are talking about? About things which you would want to be able to do but you are not able to do. People like Gluon, Jpro, Microsoft or Xaltea can do what you are not able to do. And guess what: without the fucking up problems of your shitty service, bad Support, from support inherited even worse Bugfixing culture. You Mr. Perlman are the one which is in charge of Xojo. It shall be a good System. But it is not. You forgot? You lost me as a customer. I will remind you WHO I am: I am the one which makes Java popular to Xojo users. Java in a configuration where Cross platform means Cross platform with ONE Codebase and even ONE Designbase. Not like you believe. Only like it needs to be. Before you write such things you should get ready your android. Not Alpha Ready like your entire Product. Ready for production. That would be the right way. I’ll give you an advise: your Idea that Xojo is the reliable state of the art best ever product: this Idea is fix. And wrong. You should consider that the market helps you to remember that there is the need only for reliable and stable products by the people which need to work out professional applications. That is the problem. All others will be eaten by history one day. And I guess you start to realize: Xojo will pass away even before Java, Delphi, C++, C, C# and Python. Yes, there is a line between them and Xojo. And in case you did not get: this line is not invisible. It is shaming me that you write about the usability of an App which can not be done with your programming system for both platforms.

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Add in my 200+ and they probably have a years worth of work fixing just the bugs you and I have filed

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@thorstenstueker what is SmarTrip is written with?

The issue here isn’t “SmarTrip” … it is the arrogant and self centered response the Geoff made while ignoring the fact that his statements apply directly to his own company.

Based on reviews for ‘SmarTrip’ is does indeed have issues, but those are not the focus here

Although it WOULD be ironic if it were written in Xojo

Its a web app with a thin client front end which is even more ironic probably done to ensure cross platform consistency, centralised IT systems and a reduction in development/running cost for the public purse and not development expediency.

It’s truly amazing how deep in the sand Geoff’s head is. He dismisses comments about quality, bans long time developers who speak up, ignores his own forums, and doesn’t seem to care that “Pros” people leaving Xojo. Eventually all of this will catch up to Geoff.

If you like Xojo, Geoff will tell you are reasonable, but once you disagree, you then become unreasonable or negative. Geoff’s reality distortion field is extremely strong.

I was a customer for 20 years and I’ll never give Xojo another dollar. Geoff and Xojo show they don’t care about quality in their releases. Before the name change to Xojo, REALbasic had pretty good quality and started showing some cracks when renamed to REALStudio.

Xojo needs new management.

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enough whining and Geoff bashing.
xojo is what it is.

i’m sorry but some people keep repeating that, i’ve banned too from many groups for some reasons, some i deserved.
it’s like mac/linux user bashing buggy windows.
there is plenty of tools to do amazing things

Dalu… this was an attempt by me to express my personal opinion of just what an a$$hole Geoff is , using his own words
This forum actually exists ONLY because many of us were banned from TOF for attempting to voice our concerns in a futile hope to change the direction towards a better product.

If you wish to drink the Kool-aid that is your choice, as many others are doing as well. If Xojo in it current bug-ridden state works for you, great… have at it.

But personally I feel it is my obligation to point out the FAKE NEWS (yeah a Trump comparison)

EDIT by NP with agreement by OP

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and i find some endless rants about xojo again, still people use it everyday to make software

and i find some old bitter people constantly whining, it’s more of a symptom of a mindset, then rational arguments.
xojo nor geoff is here to fix problems in your life, sorry to say

SERIOUSLY? You think that the crap software that Xojo has become is the “mindset of old bitter people”? Rational arguments have been posted for the past few years, here, on Discord, and in some case even TOF itself… but are dismissed by Geoff as non-important.

“Xojo nor Geoff are here to fix problems in your life”
My LIFE no, and that is not even part of this discussion.

What the ARE HERE FOR , is to fix the problems with their PRODUCT. a task they have proven over and over again they are unwilling / unable to do

sorry i don’t like people insulting/mocking people like that, never had, never will.
i see no evidence that geoff deserve it, he’s a nazi pedophile who exploit workers like a dictator ?
i doubt

Nobody is mocking or insulting… just stating provable facts.

And I NEVER used the word NAZI or Pedophile … But in my opinion he IS an mysgonitic, arrogant, egotical person. and his published actions and responses both public and private have proven that out multiple times

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