Replacement for Xojo as it relates to windows development

Umm… OP was asking about a Windows-only environment.


How many people work for Xojo, do we know? I guess @npalardy will?

I think 11:

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Thanks Alberto, I always imagined it had a lot more than that…

You can usually get the size from things like the XDC team photo etc
Geoff, Jason, Dana, Alyssa (admin)
Stephane, Robin (qa)
Travis, Greg, William, Paul, Javier (engineering)

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I thought it was less than 11

Its never been very big
heck I think I could name just about everyone who EVER worked there still :stuck_out_tongue:


Visual Basic is not a priority for Microsoft though:

Going forward, we do not plan to evolve Visual Basic as a language. This supports language stability and maintains compatibility between the .NET Core and .NET Framework versions of Visual Basic. Future features of .NET Core that require language changes may not be supported in Visual Basic. Due to differences in the platform, there will be some differences between Visual Basic on .NET Framework and .NET Core.

Ironically, VB.NET is a much better language with more features and better syntax than C#, even though they share the same compiler!

I am going to introduce a new segue-way to this conversation.

If there are not any existing ‘Replacement for Xojo as it relates to windows development’, then is there an existing language that can be modified,edited, added, to become Xojo’s replacement?

One example might be PureBasic?

Edit: It looks like PureBasic is for desktop applications (, while spiderbasic is for the web (


I’ve spent the last few months learning Flutter (or trying to!). I started in life learning C and COBOL and have dabbled in most things over the last 30+ years.

I can honestly say that although it is criticised and moaned about like no other software that I know, Xojo is without equal in Rapid Application Design.

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Thank you @eugenedakin!

Purebasic does look appealing and price for a license is very economical.

Does PB on mac generate exe for window?

I asked the question on the PureBasic forums and the answer was:

Blockquote No. [PureBasic] is not a cross compiler

The link to my question is here: Does Mac generate a Win exe?

4D is a great environment. It is cross-platform. It has a very advanced language which is continually being evolved. It is a database language primarily. Outstanding for database driven desktop apps.

The problem for me is that they basically abandoned the single user casual market. Since I learned the language I have ket using it. I is very powerful and developing applications is swift. Nice IDE. Some similarities with Xojo.

But expensive for the “hobby” programmer and I finally have to say that I cannot afford to keep updating on their basically once every two years schedule. If I did professional programming using servers etc. I would use this language. If you have business case for using it I can recommend. But too expensive for most for personal use

It is a privately held company led by very technologically advanced people. Niche product like Xojo but more sophisticated.

Aaron Ballman worked for them for a while on something to do with javascript

I used to use it way back when but, about the time I left them, they were eating a lot of their third party developers business - forget all the names

Havent used it in nearly 20 years

If you are developing database driven desktop or web based apps take a look at Omnis Studio.

I used Omnis products for over 15 years in my previous job and to this day I haven’t come across anything that matches it.

Curious on the cost since it looks like there’s a per end user licensing cost?

Once again, another product I’ve never heard of. It’s amazing how hard to find these cross-platform development tools are!

Interestingly, Omnis looks to be one of the only IDEs with cross-platform drag/drop form creation.

  1. Are there cross-platform IDEs?
  2. Is the IDE written using Omnis?
  3. $2k ain’t cheap… (and $3,200/month has to be a new record for a support package!)

I’m aware I’m a bit slow but I can’t find the pricing for Omnis