Replacement for Xojo as it relates to windows development

not sure if you stood next to an American football player, but I am pretty sure they are anything but wussies :stuck_out_tongue:

also to add, if you ever goto a Raiders game and they are losing… its not the football players that you have to worry about, its the fans

“Soccer” is Football, American Football should be called “American Rugby”.

but American Football is not rugby :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s neither Football nor Rugby - it’s FUMBLEBALL :grin:

And “Wussies” is a real word …

They might be big, but under all that protective armour they are softies … :hugs:

Hurley players are probably the most masochistic of all sports players I’ve ever seen
And then probably lacrosse

The only 2 sports I know of where using the stick in your hands as a weapon ISN’T strictly illegal

Actually, American football is riddle with head injuries.

now, when it comes to European football, I say no more :slight_smile:

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The only 2 sports I know of where using the stick in your hands as a weapon isn’t STRICTLY illegal.

Pfft - big helmet but head injuries. As I said, softies. The ALL BLACKS would make minced meat out of them. Heck, even the French rugby team would send them running … :stuck_out_tongue:

And Football is all about technique and tactics - ESPECIALLY when falling down and feigning injury!

The are no academy awards for those feigned injuries though
Play ice hockey
Fast - way faster than every other game on foot
Hard hitting
And there are relatively immovable objects you can crush opponents against :slight_smile:
And then they give you a weapon and that little black puck - just to make sure it hurts like hell - they freeze the things before every game
Getting hit with one of those is a whole new adventure in pain ESP if you get hit in the right place
A shot in the foot can break your foot in several places quite easily

In Italy there might be … :roll_eyes:

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I spent weeks on trying to make PiDOG work. What a pain that was. Saving and restoring the widths of the header resulted in dozens of emails. The speed for SQLite wasn’t so bad. But trying to change the column widths when a Valentina database was loaded was too slow.

Thanks the gods Thomas Tempelmann did the NSTableView together with Christian Schmitz. I helped a bit with testing. Otherwise, my app would have been screwed.

I never understood why Björn never rewrote his DataGrid. The plugin was perfect.

Yes I have. It was a toung in cheek comment :wink:

I surely would not want to be rolled over by one of those guys even if I was wearing all of my motorcycle protective equipment.

It has some similarities to Rugby League, though. It’s a game of possession.

Both, American “football” and Rugby, are 99% a kind of “possession handball” than something related to feet. “Soccer” is the real feet thing: Football.

I think he commented on that one time
Not sure I can find that comment though

In this thread

[quote] As has been listed many times then the Grids are 17 years old, made for Pre-OS X, thus OS 9 and such. They are not going to port to Retina or 64 bit in their current form. Nor will they work on Cairo on Linux. Xojo update is not to be expected of them in their current form.

I would like to work on new grid control but it will almost certainly not be StyleGrid or DataGrid as there is no reason to drag along with development decisions that were made in favour of OS 9 and what applied then.

I suppose since that was nearly 5 years ago that there might be a way to coerce/convince him to work on something new as a replacement ?

The ship has sailed long ago. NSTableView is great!

Is it x-platform ?

I understand that for many x-platform isnt an issue as they only write macOS, Windows, or iOS apps etc

No, MacOS only.

That would be one reason I might ask Bjorn about a cross platform “data grid” or whatever

I always appreciated that he tried VERY hard to make his wares x-platform in keeping with Xojo’s goal of being x-platform