Replacement for Xojo as it relates to windows development

Ah - good times!


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Horizontal scrolling being incredibly laggy and ugly (header out of sync with list) and eventually causing a crash, IIRC. I admit to not having tested the most recent version or two, but Jim didn’t seem very keen on finding out what was causing my issues. I wasn’t doing anything fringe, just had a LB with around 10 columns. Was using PiDog mostly for its header formatting, but I do have other apps that could benefit from it’s snazzier features like per-row height setting.

At one time I was really disgusted with Xojo (I think it was around the advent of Xojo.Core stuff) and I continued to use RS2012 for a long time. Recently I’m much more upbeat, and look forward to using it whenever I have a project that needs it. This happened to me with my EDA tool, the open-source KiCAD. Version 4.x was a royal pain and I dreaded having to use it, but there were not really any good affordable alternatives. 5.x was a game changer and now I get happy and excited whenever a new project comes along that requires its use. This is why for me, all the little UI/UX issues are a big deal - they are the difference between a tool being a chore to use or its being a joy to use. Designers with no soul (like the fiends behind the Eclipse IDE or Eagle EDA) will offer workarounds or say that real programmers don’t care about such things. The designers of RS were artists. Too bad it crashed so much, lol.

I was pretty happy with the IDE before RS one … For a long time I regarded RB 5.5.* as the best version of the product!


I found a different approach quite useful and wrote a little tutorial about it

See Best programming practises: the ListBox

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I don’t remember there being any change in functionality, just a change in company name to get away from the negative connotations of “Basic”. But I’m old and my memory is going :smiley:

The Xojo IDE was intended for folks who never used more than one tab in R - very small projects - and if you go back and look at how it was demoed thats how the demoes were.
That it shoved everyone into that same usage model is where it got painful for a lot of us.
Trust me we felt that pain as well and literally had to develop new work habits because of how things worked
I still use those same habits today and NEVER navigate in anything but the “left most” tab - as if it were the old left tab in RS
I then open everything else into its own new tab
When I search I switch to the left tab, then search (just so clicking a search result wont screw up what is in my current tabs)

Did you ever play with my mergablecell listbox? It allowed merging cells aross rows as well as columns and It even handled hierarchical list boxes! Of course it is all faked under under the hood in teh listbox subclasses.

I can’t believe I wrote that 10 years ago already!

BTW in the US “Head of” titles are unusual … They usually are titled as Directors.


5.5 was the last version written in C++
There are / were pros and cons that that

RB 2006 to RS 2012 were mostly just renames

RB 5.5 -> 2006 was a big change in the UI
and RS 2012 -> Xojo 2013 was another

Yeah, but the World does not revolve around the US … :wink:

Did you end up writing the article you mentioned in that post? Do you have a link to the GitHub page you mentioned?
I did a search on xDev but wasn’t able to find it… :frowning:

About Xojo Tabs/Navigation pane:7 years later, they still works when the time change…

I never really liked the Tabs, but probably because betwen the Navigation pane forget how it was at quit time, and having more than one Tab adds nothing: I never have to go to Tab x or y or z when I was adding code to Tab a.

The internet browser metaphor (Tabs in Xojo) is strange and badly duplicate the window; I prefer to have two opened windows (one in each monitor).

That is only me.

I do the same thing to try and emulate the old “Project Tab” but somehow at some point something always happens to mess it up and my “Project Tab” shows some useless information like “No item selected”, its expanded/collapsed status is all lost, or I end up with multiple tabs open to the same thing, ugh. Just give me back the Project Tab and I’d be ecstatic.

You’d have to go back to 2013 and revisit the whole rationale given for this change
I will admit that I didnt like it then
And still dont

I’ve just figured out how to use it more or less like the old IDE and not drive myself nuts :slight_smile:

As I write for beginners (and need to explain things like Casting) it got a lot longer than expected, so it is a 3 part series now called “From Ooops to OOP - An object-oriented approach to custom drawing into the Listbox control”. Part 1 was in xDev 18.2 page 43, part 2 didn’t make it into xDev 18.3 (I submitted it 4 weeks early so I’m not sure whether Marc forgot he had it or whether he had a lot of articles), and part 3 is still being written.

xDev 18.2

Not yet, but I put the current version into my dropbox (still want to do some tests and improve it a bit) - you can download it from:

Btw I’m still peeved that they renamed Football to Soccer and call their American Football just Football - what arrogance. They should just have renamed THEIR game. I stick with Football for the original, and just call American Football Fumbleball since then …

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Thank you, Markus. Looks like an interesting take on the old ListBox!

I call it Rugby for wussies :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course football or soccer is even wussier (I make words up).

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