Norman has been banned … again …

The last days a few of my postings got marked as spam and hidden.
Moderators removed the flag quickly and Xojo Inc. now raised the limit.

Especially I would suggest to only let members flag and not everyone who signed up 5 minutes before.


Don’t let MVPs flag … :smiling_imp:


Who’d you upset in the last week or so?

There have always been people, who hate it, when I mention the availability of a paid product to solve some issue. You may have seen that, too.

I’ve seen that too. In a thread where I answered, one of my reply along with other’s replies were hidden, flagged as inappropriate. I couldn’t understand what was wrong.
Perhaps one hour later these posts were visible again.

It seems like someone got really upset with Christian and flagged 3 of his posts. Or over time various people have flagged his posts that they thought was in-appropriate, and today was just the third person. I wonder if it was an old post

Flagging shouldn’t be that easy.
And I’m talking about posts of other users as well.
As a whole, it looks an odd behaviour.

Wow… the kind of iron-hand regulation that goes on in that other forum is just beyond belief. And the MVP is just disgusting.
Like so many others i’m not happy with the direction of the forum, their priorities and actual quality of their product.

Does XOJO really have a long and prosperous future? seems doubtful in my mind…

Why stick with a product that doesn’t quite cut it (or at least the good points do not outweigh the annoying/bad points), which is being managed like an extremist regime?
Especially when there are so many good alternatives…

I was mildly amused that i was warned on the account page:

All Auto-Renewals will get an automatic 10% discount and disabling Auto-Renew will forfeit that discount.

Well, the good news is i can take the 10% hit with no problem if i ever decide to renew…

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One of Markus’ shows as flagged to me today. I think someone is using ‘flagging’ as a kind of ‘Dont like’ button

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Maybe we could all start flagging the moderators posts on the official forum so they see how annoying this really is?

EDIT: Don’t! as @TomasJ correctly points out below. That was a bit of the naughty me and it doesn’t suit me. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

No, please don’t do this. This would heat up everything and is quite childish,isn’t it?

You can read about flagging here:

It’s a good idea in general, but the level of flags required should require level 2 or so. I don’t want people to create dummy accounts for using them to flag people they dislike.

The ONLY advantage Xojo has, easy to use single code base multiplatform (at least on desktop)

But, you know, big players are on the track now, and maybe in couple of years Microsoft and Google will have that easy to use multiplatform coding. The amount of features that the frameworks there put xojo’s on shame.

If (when) that happens, xojo will not have a chance to survive, they wasted a lot
of time in useless changes.

Well, that 10% is a real nonsense. A single month withoit a release and your discount is useless.


That’s one of the issues. Desktop is the only shipping product right now. iOS is abandonware, Web 1 is dead. Web 2 is still in beta. Android is vaporware.


Wow… Hal… that’s everything compressed in one sentence…


Or just wait for the inevitable Black Friday, Programmers Day, Pi day sale and get 20% off ?


Even then, I’ll never trust either of them to have access to my data. They’re both known to be selling personal data to the whole world.

I doubt that using their compilers etc would give them your data

Perhaps not. But who knows what they would send to their servers?
For that matter, I’m more confident in Xojo than those big companies.

For some things I’d agree
For tools I dont think I do any more

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