Norman has been banned … again …


My reaction:

So Markus… how long do you expect them to let that stay up :slight_smile:
I’m betting you get a membership is the exclusive 1000 Year club within 24 hours :smiley:

But I AM on topic! :innocent:

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In all fairness, it says 1:00pm so at least he got the whole afternoon that day to fully access the forum… :grin:

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Geoffs vendetta against Norman is ridiculous. What terrible thing did Norman do? Disrespected the choice of Geoffs tie?


I think I saw he had written something like “another one bites the dust”, in that giant thread of complaints.

I wish I could say Xojo is not the same company that I used to work for… but that’s not true.


Hey Thom. Welcome.

Welcome Thom!
Long time Xojo users still remember you as the creator of Web 1.0, which as far as I know saved the company in those days.


@Hi @thommcgrath, great to see you here.

Xojo’s vendetta against @npalardy is tantamount to bullying or harassment and I’ve said as much on the other forum. I took a screenshot of my reply and if I get banned because of it I am going to do everything in my power to put people of using Xojo for the rest of my life. It’s a fucking disgrace.


If somebody is suspending one for 1000 years for germans it tastes a bit like a brownie. This behavior. Yes I think also he was banned for another one bites the dust. But he was right. And he knowed that he will get a kick in his backside for this I guess. But it shows how much xojo takes care for its customers and their work. Because he was doing pressure with me in a thread I was waking up…I am sorry norman…he got banned. 1000 years this time. Last time it was for 200 years. So next time 5000 years banning…if they catch you again.

The xojo planning of stealing nearly 70% of the functionality of Web was not working. People are getting what happened and waking up. Our group was sending today a nice Message cause all of us leaving xojo if they will not even react. But in my beleaving there is anyhow a big Problem.

I feel sorry for all the programmers wich have no chance to get to another language cause it is hard to learn a new language in normal consiftions. Thats why I think and feel, Norman was doing a good Job. But like all the time, they see it different.

Only think I can do is listening to the music of beethoven and do the try not to get upset more and more about their behavior.

For me there is no other way as leyvong xojo and restarting all the projects wirth B4J and ABmaterial. If I anyhow have to write all the stuff I will not do it in a wise whey are getting my money every year.

What are they expecting te be? God? Darth Vader? The star of xojo will sink because of this behavior and there will not be any solution. We will rewrite. Costs one or two years. After all I have a good feeling. Rests we are doing anyhow with java. So. Where’s the problem.

I am so upset. It began with the Name of this forum. Somebody was asking me to write her the Name of this forum on xojo PM. But guess what: it is forbidden even in praivate messages to write about. I never saw stuffs like that in the last 52 years.

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To be fair, as far as I’m aware, saved isn’t the right word. Xojo was operating around the break-even point before the launch of Web. But keeping it that way meant I couldn’t get a computer upgrade, for example. Once Web launched, that was one of the first things the company spent money on. They were smart and paid off debt too.

Even though I was fired, I’ve maintained my respect for Geoff and most of the team. I still talk to him from time to time. I can get secrets still, and I’ll keep them. My point is I still have a good relationship with the company, less one employee. And to be clear, I’m not ever going to break that trust.

But this feud was absurd ages ago, and that respect is being lost now. I’m not as proud of the company as I used to be, though maybe reality is setting in. I was fired for “not taking security seriously” after all. Exact words.

Permanently banning one the community’s most respected users is a REAL bad image, especially when (from what we can see) his only fault is violating the “no Norman” rules. Regardless of the reason, it looks really bad to the rest of the community to ban such a respected user that doesn’t appear to have violated any rules.


And gone is the topic. Just had the time to read all replies and they were all supporting Norman. F*"king disgrace… :angry:

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Please take your time to consider my BANano lib too. ABMs learning curve is rather steep. In our company we use ABM for all our projects and once you ‘get’ it, you can write solid code quite fast. But some concepts may look technical and weird at first. It is the public release of our internal framework.

Did you where expecting different behavior of the company?

Well, moving to Web 2.0 is almost like learning a new languaje. That incredibly stupid idea of geting rid of MsgBox and all the API2 renaming nonsese. So, as many had said, sounds better to learn a better tool than relearn that half baked web 2.0.

Maybe I made a lot of expectations about web 2.0 :thinking:


I had
In relation to another person saying their company was leaving Xojo behind

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Sadly it seems so much more of the same old same old :frowning:

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FWIW you CAN go to an url shortener and post that :slight_smile:
it works just the same

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Just tell the others search for “Xojo forum” in google :rofl:

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