Color me surprised this morning

It would be for the benefit of Xojo and shareholders. Sure he can stay on the same course.

The CEO is the shareholder. We can make suggestions and ask for things, as customers. We have no power of decision.

Very true. Customers can help Geoff decide.

As a privately held company it’s Geoff’s to drive it into the ground or make it grow.

At the end of the day, I left Xojo consulting because I can’t look a client in the eye and tell them using Xojo is a good choice. Going to tell an old client tomorrow that they need to find a new consultant and new technology to move forward (so long and thanks for all the fish!) and will probably give the news to my last remaining client in another month or so.


You mean like Steve Jobs did when he knew he didnt have the skills to grow apple to be 10X bigger ?
Thats when he hired Scully

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Oh, and I’m getting actively retrained by my current employer to learn Go. It’s not a GUI based environment. The debugger leaves much to be desired. It’s not OO but it can achieve OO-like things in a roundabout way. But I’m sure it has more active developers than Xojo and has a better shot at being around in 10 years.

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Yes, sometimes things happen in the most unexpected way :upside_down_face:

It was a CEO who had the self awareness to realize that he wasnt the right guy to move from the start up that apple was still to a much larger company

Xojo is a 25 year old startup thats never moved beyond from that



I agree, the person who successfully founded a company and lead through the first years may not be the same who can make the company grow. Have seen that more than once. But - not up to us to decide. We can continue using the product or walk away. That is our decision.

My customers decision
But as I said earlier I see them coming to the same conclusion that xojo may not be the right tool any longer
Some sooner rather than later

EDIT : and FWIW be glad this is on INN as it would have been shut down on TOF a lot sooner :slight_smile:


We had friends that bought a cooler from Walmart. We’d go camping and they had ice ALL weekend. They suprised us with the SAME cooler. We were so excited. Then we went on another camping trip. They would have ice still in the cooler x days out, but ours melted just like our old cooler.

We learned that Walmart demaned price decreases from the manufacturer so they cut corners reducing its insulation. SAME product and part number. Just bad quality.

We would have suggested that cooler to others. But now we tell folks that story.

Sure you can keep using that crappy cooler. Just keep adding ice to make up for the decline in quality…

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This is why vendor-independent forums are important.
I am member of the board of an association that runs such an independent forum.


1000% agree
TOF has proven that anything "not praising the company wont be tolerated
So as a true picture of the tool or the company they fail

And since the staff almost never participate except to ban someone or lock threads it doesnt rank as a “support forum” unless other members do that for Xojo
Even the MVP’s barely participate

Its disappointing

sure we do… a very large “power”… one I have already decided to exercise…


Believe it or not, many of use here would have liked Xojo to change course and once again become a viable product, but the CEO has decided to do as he likes, not what is best.

At this rate, Geoff will remain CEO, but of what? an empty shell?

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The analogy of the captain of the Titanic ordering that the deck chairs to be rearranged while the ship is going down comes to mind.


And the Orchestra playing music…

Wait, Geoff plays music too !

Geoff plays the drums while Xojo burns

Is Greg cracking?

There’s nothing to fix Ivan, it’s just the way it is. While it sounds like an easy thing to fix, they’re all all kinds of things in the ide and frameworks that are blended together that give you advantages. For instance, it allows autocomplete to work in cases where you are making code that will run on multiple platforms.

Anyone who doesn’t or hasn’t worked for Xojo is an armchair quarterback when it comes to this. You can sit there and ■■■■■ all you want about it, but the reality is that to be able to offer you guys the software that you know and love, there’s no way to easily change this reality.

Problem I see - even those that DID work for Xojo agree with Ivan …

P.S. Link: What is the long-term plan for cross-platform control class names? - #3 by Ivan_Tellez - General - Xojo Programming Forum

No idea
There was once chatter about using generically named ones ( like Button was a button everywhere)
But it never went anywhere

The IDE could sort that out since a desktop project would use a “desktop button”
A web project would use a “web button”

And, with fixes to autocomplete (which are needed to make sure it looked things up the exact same way the compiler does) it might have flown
or not
And that could have been a lot of hours of work to toss

Something that really, with the limited resources available, wasnt terribly palatable

But you didnt need one names to sort those things out
Thats ONE way to deal with it since it requires the least effort - and causes a lot of disruption

From Geoff’s point of view the old model of release followed by 4-5 free bug fix releases gave him ONE opportunity to sell. The Rapid Release Model on the other hand gives him 4 opportunities to get money (because someone might need THIS bug fix or wants THAT feature).

Never mind that the RRM is really bad for both users and the product … short term profit thinking over long term success …