Account suspended: No constructive purpose to their actions other than creating dissent within the community

Well, sure. I can’t compare my current Xojo coding skills to what I did 20 years ago either. Frankly, I’m embarrassed by what I did 6 months some times. :slight_smile:


I had actually been contacted by an MVP who found my xDev article interesting and agreed with a lot of what I wrote, and was against me being banned, but as the MVP token is good for business kept his mouth shut …

I didn’t feel the need to point up that this fulfils the definition of being corrupt, but the thought came to my mind … and that self-respect is going really cheap these days.

Btw one of the biggest scams in the World is medals. Warriors used to get a villa and land for their heroic deeds, but nowadays they get a 50 cents worth piece of tin to prance around with … if they still can prance … :roll_eyes:

P.S. It’s essentially another “golden calf” for people to “uh” and “ah” about …

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Who says we can’t see that?

From “our” point of view the MVPs were supposed to be “of of the community” and convey what the community wants and more importantly needs to make Xojo a viable and reliable tool that we are happy to buy - and not be a mouthpiece for and unpaid underling of Xojo Inc.

So we expected Christian (who due to his worth to Xojo should have a strong position and be able to speak more freely than others - see Marc Zeedar who completely rolled over when threatened by Geoff) to stand up for the things which are right and against those that go wrong.

Instead we see how Christian has started to hold back criticism of Xojo when it is warranted and make strange excuses. Which is why I myself called him out on it at least three times.

Maybe in hindsight that was expecting too much of the MVPs - they often have businesses that depend on Xojo and therefore a large portion of self-interest, and their interests conflict directly with the expectations of an MVP as a representative of the community.

No wonder Anthony is so exceedingly trigger happy to change or delete critical posts …

Btw, just came across a post from you from last Oct: Seriously? - #7 by Julian

Wow, just wow. Take a look at some of my outstanding 260+ verified/reproducible bugs Geoff, five year old bugs that are glaring quality issues for Windows users and some that make your product unusable.

It makes me so sad to think about Anthony having to waste his time trying to convince Geoff that he needs more testers and Geoff taking over an hour to realise the fact. Oh brilliant and they have the audacity to make a post about trolling, Geoff is the biggest troll around. I swear I can almost hear the fingers tapping on a future blog post already.

You’ve quite changed your tune lately. Business related? Or angling for an MVP position by any chance …? :wink:

But I’m actually quite interested to hear the WHY, so feel free to elaborate.

Just one thing, Julian: NOBODY is ever going to be allowed to tell me what I can or cannot say. And “NOBODY” - that includes you.

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Markus Winter,

You and only you alone are responsible for your suspension. You did misbehave, in many cases didn’t show any respect for other peopleand jumped through the roof when somebody disagreed with you.

You put yourself in a victim role, where you clearly are not. I invite everybody to read Markus Winter’s reply from let says the last year. Interesting threads were closed because he finds it necessary to polarise. In how many of those replies, did he really help somebody? Count how many were helpful and how many were polarizing.

Even here you can’t stop offending people because that seems to boost your “self-esteem”. But I tell you, Markus Winter, people will see through your facade and see the little guy you really are.

I just found this forum, and to be honest, I like it very much. I do admit that seem to be more open and genuine in their discussions here, which I do appreciate. I do agree with Markus Winter and many others here, that moderation on the Xojo forum is much too harsh. So let us make sure it stays that way by respecting our fellow members here even when we totally disagree with each other.

Respect is earned, not coming for free.

Kind Regards,



Those seem to be opposite statements.

So you know for a fact that they’ve not tried to convey that, right? Is that another “I’m a scientist” moment?

Again, you know that he hasn’t tried?

Unfortunately, seemingly unlike you, I don’t keep printed cut outs of comments on a large board on my wall with pins and red string linking messages together so I can’t instantly recall the three times you did this, sorry, I must try harder. I’m sure you can give me the links to those posts if the threads haven’t been nuked from orbit? However, please don’t bother if they are of the “quality” and I use that term loosely of this “call out”

Is that you actually admitting to being wrong about something? Someone get me some smelling salts, I’m about to pass out.

Are you acting under the false premise that somehow becoming an MVP made them a crusader for the people who would throw themselves on their sword at the first sniff of an issue that didn’t go their way? The reason they got to be MVPs in the first place was that they were calm and mentally stable (oh the irony talking about that here) and they could rationally articulate an issue without resorting to insults or rule breaking. Nothing immediately stands out to me where Christian lost his cool about an issue (I’m sure someone will post a link to that one time it happened), yet you seem to think that now he’s an MVP he should publicly admonish xojo at every chance and when he disagrees with you he’s some how become their lapdog?

Strange, my tune doesn’t change, I have less than zero interest in being an mvp or working for xojo, I like my impartiality and the ability to do what I want, when I want, to criticise both sides and, when I can be bothered or have some spare time, I will pick at a lose thread that someone says or a little white lie until it develops into something substantial like the windows flicker problem with years and years of “its a microsoft issue”, like people claiming that their dev environment was the first to achieve something when it wasn’t, like moderators stepping out of line or getting facts wrong, like Geoff taking to twitter to berate another company, like deciding to rewrite feedback, like scientists using marketing “enabled” numbers as “sales” figures or like people coming out with vulgar slang and complete and utter tripe because they think they know better.

Seems I can, as can Xojo on their platform, caps NOBODY, oooo so dramatic, why didn’t you bold it too, lol

Oh Markus, remember this PM?

Please get some help, as I said when I tried to help you a few weeks ago, have fun!

Markus is spot on. Anthony changed as he used to complain until his Discord server fell apart after Anthony became a MVP.

Now Julian is changing…

Edit: Now Julian is on a rant talking about everything but how to get Xojo bugs fixed. More of the same from Julian. He’s just trying to change the topic. Again.

You do realise this thread isn’t about getting bugs fixed right Hal? Check the thread title?


Why do you think Markus was banned? All you do is try to change the topic with your questions to cause fights. #HonoraryMVP

I’ll quote it to save typing it out again.

Oh I’m sorry Hal, I’m sorry that I’m responding to people, let me kowtow to the clique and take the thread off to talk about bugs instead of the topic…

Changing words in mouth said my grandma always. That’t what you try to do. So the topic is in your opinion. I have two really hard news for you:

  1. INN Members are free and democratic
  2. here is not X Ban possible for people speaking truths.

So we come to the next Message: even if you try to: we will not follow you. Markus got banned because he wanted to fix and not while…things you wrote about.

So please: start following reality and not your personal dreams made in Maluma, Africa.

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While this forum does not have a policy of banning users for speaking their mind, it still gives each individual user the ability to remove from view any specific topic they find to be absurd and/or the ability to remove from view and specific person they find absurd.

At this time I am exercising that right…


Cool, thanks for letting us know… bye

Oh please, ignore us all Julian. We don’t want to read that what you are writing.

I’m not asking you to follow me anywhere. But as with others here, Markus was banned because he couldn’t articulate his displeasure in a way as to avoid being banned, that’s 100% on him I’m afraid.

I don’t ignore anyone on either site, you do realise you can ignore me right?

Sure… Blame Markus for being banned by Geoff. That’s like blaming someone from being shot for being in a bad neighborhood.

I know it long time.

The root of the problem is that Geoff can’t seem to fix bugs.

Just checking as you said it and obviously didn’t do it, but no worries. Just letting us know, like Dave I guess.