Yey. it is back

Thanks to NPalardy and Devtimi for bringing it back. Congratulations.


99.999% devtimi

I just set up dns and not a lot else


Thanks to Tim and to Norman both

Yay! And thanks.

Thx to all, who were involved to bring the site back

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That was done by Norman and Tim Parnell. Nobody else.

great news!

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Thanks to those who worked hard to bring INN back! So glad it’s back!

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Wellcome back :innocent:

Big thanks to Norman and Tim.

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We can feel normal again.

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Be careful how you “feel norman” he might punch you :slight_smile:

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ahhh naaa he is never punching. Thought it will be more a round kick :slight_smile:

hey I might just like it :stuck_out_tongue:

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As we’re still reviving things, like emails, the site MAY need to be bounced to finish up the move !

Unfortunately changing that requires a bounce

A big THANK YOU to everyone who worked to bring this forum back, and contribute.

Much appreciated!

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Not sure I’m allowed to ask, but do we have information about why it was suspended?
P.S.: nice to see it back.

Allowed ? Of course you’re allowed to ask

Bad set of circumstances and unlucky timing


Thanks for your reply.

There’s still something weird happening (I can’t explain it). If I manually enter (or paste it), I’m seeing the default nginx page (“If you see this page, your server is correctly configured…”). To see the actual forum, I have to use an existing page from the history. Then, clicking on the logo at the upper left corner correctly takes me to the list of topics.
If, at any time, I decide to write the address myself, I’m back to the gninx page (but they are exactly the same URL, when it works and when it doesn’t).
Isn’t that super weird?

In browser I get the forum page, in the Discourse app I only get the nginx page.

I think there’s a DNS issue. resolves as However returns “non-existent domain”. Needs to be fixed by the owner/manager of the domain.

White technically OK, most websites are configured to optionally allow using “www”. For now, skip the www. And remember that old links may still contain www.

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