I go to the new Facebook (aka linkedin) and discover this :-). The new target audience is addressed and actually it looks like the Inc. would actually like to be REALBasic again. I can console, Xojo is very basic.

Xojo, THE BASIC language in 2023, which we renamed like that because we thought the name REALBasic was stupid because everyone thought it was BASIC. - exactly my humor.


Oh, oh, does Xojo now suffer from a split personality?
RealBasic/Xojo - Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde

It’s definitely a weird posting on linkedin, isn’t it?

Former vulture Tony Smith rather liked it, giving it a positive verdict in 2005.

thats nearly 20 years ago !
talk about “resting on your laurels”

That’s what I meant with weird. I mean LinkedIn mutates more and more to Facebook like platform, but i believe that he majority still consists of users who are clever enough to classify this post as BS. You post that on the real facebook, or tweet it on April 1st, but on linkedin? Seriously?

That shows how lost this Troup is. They are or not basic or Xojo or what I prefere Xojo basic

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Exactly. It is late. Sorry for that instead of this. As a Java programmer I should know

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HOLY crap. Full circle. Cannot make this crap up.

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Marketing plays bullshit bingo!

But I thought they were restyling it as “low code.” They could re-brand as XojoLoco!

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It is a Basic derivative that starts showing it’s age. For a true modernisation it would take at least a compiler guy in the team. What they have is a marketing department and a genius.

Let’s say they have a marketing department

Even they can’t deny the craziness of calling it “Low Code” just after the introduction of the verbose Api2.


that has to be the stretch armstrong version of “low code”

No, not even that. It is so faraway from lowcode as c# is. Xojo tries to convince new users with this argument. But it has nothing to do with low code. Even the bug amount isn’t low.


Indeed. My own comment was, of course, purely facetious. :slight_smile:

I meant Stretch Armstrong in the sense of “seriously stretching that statement to its limits”




RealBasic started off as a shareware
Someone forgot about CrossBasic (capitalisation ?); and it was REALbasic…

Yes, that was in 1997-1998.

How many people that pay for REALbasic 1.0 (in 1998) use Xojo (in 2023) ?
(Me and…)

I started around 2001, I think.