Xojo performance improvement

Seems like the release that Garry was talking about has shipped. This is probably the best new feature in Xojo, for a very long time. I’ll wait until they do another discount and then renew as this will improve some performance issues in Sleep Aid and I’d never say no to performance improvements in App Wrapper.

Not looking forward to the useless LR or it making my projects incompatible with reliable versions of Xojo.

@Tim is the exception.stack issue solved in this version?

I’m thinking the same thing.

I wonder if other issues like that are buried in the code…


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BTW How far back does the problem go? Was 2019r1.1 affected by it?

  • Karen

From basically guessing, it goes wayyyyy back. For many years, in critical functions, I stopped calling other functions and would inline code to get performance improvements, where I could.

It was one of the reasons I was trying to get them to work on macros.

You do not need to use the Desktop-prefixed-bullshit. There is literally no reason to change your existing controls.

Not definitively. There are two tickets, one closed for 2023r2, and the other left unsolved closed automatically.

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Well, the IDE is at least usable, 2023r3 was painfully slow. Looks like they also fixed the excesive file Access when using the Code editor and designer

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Thanks to you for pointing it out but that will be on 2024r1 (can’t wait to test that).

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Wow, the speed on the IDE must be the other fixes. I wonder how the IDE is going to work without all the file access.

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I had a problem where a newer version changed the version flags and the stable version I use couldn’t open it any more. I had to restore from a backup as I really really found the LR absolute garbage.

Ha ha… Seems I was involved in the first report and forgot about it! Also seems it is on Intel Macs only, and my last one died earlier this year. In fact over the last 2 ~ 3 years, I’ve had 4 Intel Macs stop working. Suprise, surprise the two Macs made by Apple PJ both had logic board failures, one shortly after that damned butterfly keyboard crapped out again. The 2012 had a GPU failure and the 2009 17" MacBook Tank, it’s hard drive stopped working.

I think it’s reasonable to give Xojo credit where it’s due. There’s a long way to go but this is the best update for a long time.

Ironically it’s best feature is not a user facing feature it’s a bug fix (the stack optimisation).


If only they made more fixes instead of stupid changes as users had being asking for years…


Absolutely, and why I made this thread.

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Too little too late.

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Yes its faster

And its still got a pile of bugs that I’ve reported that affect me
Esp ones with Android
I’ve yet to get it to run the Android project that worked in 2023r3.1

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To me it seems that we need to wait a bit and see what, if anything, they broke in this release before giving them any credit. If it’s faster but more unstable then it’s worse. I’ve seen some evidence that AutoComplete is worse now but since I can’t use R4 (expired license) all I can do is wait and see what the community reports back.

But yes, I’ll give them some credit for doing what should have been done years ago. There should always be an ongoing effort to make things more efficient, faster, and better for newbies and advanced users.


Even in the old days when Joe Strout was there, performance was sometimes (often?) secondary.

Case in point was the Join function…
Back in the day, when speed mattered for string concatenation, we all did it using a memoryblock.

They originally implemented the Join function in RB under the hood and it took just about as long as if you coded it this way:

Dim OutStr as String, i as integer

For i = 0 to theUpperbound
   OutStr = OutStr + StrArray(i)

I believe I complained to Joe about a brain dead implementation! :wink:

They did fix it before too long IIRC, but it should never have been released the way it originally was!

  • Karen

That’s been an issue forever with Xojo. Released features that, IF they work (not always true), didn’t function the way we needed them to, and often zero thought was given for optimization. Honestly it’s why I joined the beta program oh so many years ago.

To true

Or features added that arent being used internally so they get 0 significant dog fooding like reports
Or iOS Web and Android
Sample apps are great but if they’re not using those for something absolutely mission critical so they experience the same bugs as customers. So they dont get the attention they need that users encounter

The IDE gets more dog fooding because most of them use it EVERY day

As one of the mentors I had when I first started at a company after university said

Fast and wrong is still wrong

The corollary

Fast and full of bugs is still full of bugs

We’ll see but I’m not jumping n R4 for anything yet
The ONE thing I had thought I might, a xojo android project, wont even run in R4
Still runs fine in R3.1 even after updating Android studio etc etc

Your faith in humanity … and particularly in certain humans … is charming.

I’ll believe it when I see it.