Xojo Improvements

For those of you with beta access to Xojo, I urge you to login to the Xojo forums and read about performance improvements in R4. It is a really big deal and I’m very happy.


In my testing R4 is a modest improvement. I’m not complaining because we’ll take any speed boosts we can take. So your mileage may vary depending on usage. Since most of our work is I/O it probably won’t affect us as much as others.

I mean, it’s great that Christian pointed out some improvements to Xojo and they actually did it! But these are improvements they should be doing ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

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I spent some time in 2023 r3 this week doing a web mockup, web still not worth it for me, but the positive side of this, is that now 2018r3 feels faster :sweat_smile:

Edit: I just read the MBS post, WOW, actual framework improvement for both the IDE and built apps :exploding_head:

Christian should be the Xojo Project Manager.

Imagine if Geoff didn’t do all the BS changes and instead stuff like Christian posted about:


Why log in to the forum ?
They’re public already

Anyone want to place a bet on whether they kick him out of the beta for violating its rules ?

Performance improvements seem a mixed bag reading the posts

But the issues people are noting in the latest builds are … troubling ?
From their issues reporting
2023R4 webDialog Constructor Not working
23r4 61490 remote debugger fails on Pi
Console apps not working in Linux Xojo2023r4

He didn’t say the changes were in the next version, just a “future release”.

Geoff would never relinquish the power. But I’d be supportive of him since I’d say he’s almost singlehandedly kept Xojo alive for a long time.

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Christian would be a good fit for product manager. Anecdotally, he does the same for FileMaker. Without his plugin and his good initiatives, FM would be an unusable mess since years.

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All duly unit-tested I suppose :wink:

The FileMaker MBS Dev GUI changes are simply amazing.

And insane that the Product doesn’t have what Christian added baked in.

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I found the post by reading

the PREVIEW even shows he clearly says “NEXT RELEASE”

screen snap JUST because

Like ‘Android support’.

Xojo Inc lying by omission, their true field of expertise.

OK, my bad. I only saw the blog post via my RSS feed.

yeah if you dont subscribe to the FB group then you’d only maybe see the blog post

EDITED out the < cough > part since I should have posted the originating link not just the blog post link

Christian told us he wasn’t interested in creating and managing an IDE. This was years ago, on the forum.