Xojo is out of Tiobe index top 100

This month’s Tiobe index doesn’t list Xojo in the top 100 anymore, like last month and the month before.

And that weaselly, murky statement on Xojo’s Wikipedia entry that tries to link Xojo’s listing in the Tiobe index to the Tiobe company’s quality assessment business…

Here’s how the Tiobe index is established:

Has nothing to do with the quality of the softwares in that index.

Here’s how Tiobe evaluates software quality:


How would Xojo score?..and would they put the result on Wikipedia?

as I said many times before: Xojo is heading to the same fate like Power BASIC - RIP Robert “Bob” Zale (1945–2012)

With one difference. PowerBASIC was rocksolid stable, fast and relieable. Kinda secret weapon or swiss army knife.


VB still ranks as both VB.Net (#7) and Classic VB (#23)

Well ahead of any ranking Xojo/REALbasic has ever achieved

Who is number 1?
You are number 6.

That would be telling…



As a senior who saw that show on first-run, I saw what you did there. :slight_smile:

I am a MAN, not a NUMBER!

Remember when Claris’ talented product management declared FileMakers’s php API deprecated because it was not ‘modern’ enough. In reality it was done to force customers using their metered data API. Who’s not modern enough now? :laughing:

All for greed. They just want reoccurring income at Sales Force pricing.

Come on this Index is nothing but kinda Hipster Index. You clearly see Objective-C trending when iPhone and MacOS came along in 2010-2012. Same with Java in the mid 2000 years. I see the product life-cycles of Business Software. This might explain the sharp increase of Visual Basic and PHP today. We will see the same for Python maybe in 10 years.

This index shows everything and nothing… like the Oracle in Delphi (the ancient greek city not the language)

I thought this index was based purely on Search Engine queries related to the language, the assumption being the more it is search, the more likely it is being used… Which isn’t always the case, I have search RUST, GO and others, and have never once written a line of code in any of those

this and the fact, that esp. those who do this professional tend to be more aware what and where they leave their data in search engines and platforms.

For instance I am watching my videos not on youtube but on anonymous invidious instance, same with reddits and till last year with tweets.

There’s a published definition of the index. Of course it is not an absolute measure.
It provides an indication.

TBH: I am surprised it was ever in the Tiobe index top 100.

At this point it is becoming harder to deny the dramatic drop in Xojo customers. Nearly every 3rd party add-on developer is suffering. There is one who claims everything is fine, but I am suspicious, especially as they say they believe in Xojo’s strategy.

A rapid decline in customers purchasing 3rd party add-ons indicates Xojo has lost a significant number of customers who’re using Xojo in the capacity to warrant investment in 3rd party add-ons. As this continues to decline and 3rd party components die and rot on the vine, this makes it more difficult for people to use Xojo to build the apps they want, which will lead to further decline in Xojo customers.

Xojo’s biggest problem right now is that Geoff is continuing to let long-time skilled customers walk away in anger. Until Geoff realizes how much he needs capable customers, the decline isn’t going to stop.


The professional developer as a customer - that train has departed for Xojo with the advent of API2 and Android.
Other IDE providers and programming languages make great progress every year. Xojo doesn’t and just can’t do because of a lack of resources.
This leaves plug-in providers in a bad situation. Hobbyist coders won’t pay for a collection of plug-ins. That cost comes on top of the Xojo license and with the latest price increase Xojo started eating the plug-in provider’s lunch.

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… and this words spoken by a (former?) 3rd Party Addon/ Tool Provider.
Without your AppWrapper I’ve never could publish Xojo Apps in AppStore…


Sometimes I wonder if all this isn’t just a cynical business move to milk the product for as long as possible while investing as little as possible. It would explain alot … the abandonment of pro or even relatively experienced devs, the use of pure window dressing and BS in marketing, which will only work, to an extent, on noobs … and get those people invested to where they will not leave at the first whiff of ill treatment.

If you put that together with Geoff’s age … how many years does the edifice have to toddle along before it’s time for him to retire anyway?

There’s a lot of this cynical corporate overlord stuff going on throughout the economy – why not at Xojo?

This isn’t mutually exclusive with Geoff overestimating his own genius or insight or management chops, or being delusional about things that he thinks will work that simply will not. Both could be in the mix.

Judging from what Geoff says vs what he does, he either thinks he is, or wants to appear as, a thoughtful philosophical being with a moral compass, and so I’m not suggesting he sees himself as a cynical captain of industry, purely about maximizing shareholder value (which in this case is probably his personal net worth). But people are complicated and regularly hold logically inconsistent views.


API2 and Android look like as if costed a lot of resources… Just in a really stupid way of invest them

"Insanity (stupidity?)is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”…
But a narcisit with a self image of a genious will do the same and blame everyone else for the poor outcome (its the trolls fault)

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I am pleased to hear that App Wrapper helped you get your apps into the App Store.