Xojo is NOT entirely M1 Native

It appears that while Xojo tells you 2021 is “Apple Silicon native” this is NOT entirely true.
The linkers are not and require Rosetta
So if you have an M1 without Rosetta installed (say you want to be sure and test ONLY ARM code) while the IDE will start you cannot debug or build


So I wrote a bug report and sent an email to geoff about this
the back and forth has been increasingly disappointing


What are you expecting? I got it when I had to install Rosetta to be able to compile. I thought only okay, another thing which isn’t true and that’s it

So Xojo is not Building without Rosetta so it is not native

I have a fully electric car*

(*the diesel is only required to move it from stationary and charge the battery that powers all the electrical stuff)

someone is just a liar, lie, lie lie, utter scumbag.

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Point of fact… Diesel Locomotives (Trains) are in fact Electic Locomotives… The Diesel engines are there only to keep the battery charged that runs the electric motors that propel the train


Honesty ? :man_shrugging:

BMW had an electric car with a scooter engine in it, to keep the battery charged.

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To be comparable I have to do a few modifications on your diesel-electrical Locomotive.

Yes, there is a battery, the lokomotive is electrically driven but running only electrical when the diesel motor is running while the Loading cable for the battery is mounted but not connected to the battery. But, when you connect it, the train starts to roll. So it is not really natively an electrical train and also not a diesel train nor a diesel-electrical train.

Typical of Xojo.

It’s okay. There is no problem from technical view but they could have compiled on m1 before release. This tricky wise of talking to customers is not okay. By the way happy Easter

It is a minor issue and will probably be resolved with next release.
No worries.

And while Apple has a kill switch for Rosetta, I expect this is a thing in case Intel sues them.

Christian that’s only half true. I had a customer which installed without Rosetta while information on as native. He could not build. We had to find the error first. That’s why stuffs like this do not have to be minimized to an uninteresting item. When people can not compile while there are no informations about dependency or about the native platform or not native platform that is in my eyes more than relevant

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Pedantic train nerd here. While there are ‘hybrid’ locos being introduced, classic diesel-electrics are not charging any batteries. The Diesels are generating power for the electric traction motors. In the lingo, the Diesel engines are referred to as the ‘prime movers’. Enough of that now–let’s talk about steam engines. :slight_smile:

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Steam engines? Did they invented already the fire?

Its not minor IF all you want is to test ONLY ARM code
Not installing Rosetta is the only way to be sure 100% of your code is completely native

And IF rumours are true that Apple will be removing Rosetta in some locales soon then this becomes more pressing

My biggest complaint is, & was, directly to Geoff that the press release was less than honest (see my blog)
It said

Not that the compiler is Apple Silcon Native, Workersa are, the IDE is and Xojo script is BUT OH the linkers arent

which no user is going to read as “most of it is”
Its misleading & its not accurate
And its NOT necessary to mislead people
It destroys their trust

This is precisely the situation that another person ran into

I would have written a warning but I am not allowed for tof…

Your order is ready except we need 10 minutes for the fries.


Blog post has been repeatedly updated
At least now the Wiki System Requirements do say Rosetta is needed on M1 Macs
It incorrectly states that the IDE will prompt you for Rosetta to be installed - it doesnt
If it had the entire bug report & emails wouldnt have been necessary

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They revised even THAT description now :stuck_out_tongue:

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