Xojo IDE is API1?

According to Greg:

The answer I usually give users is this:

  1. The Xojo IDE and many internal projects are written in Xojo.
  2. Rewriting the IDE and internal code base and then verifying that nothing has changed would take years, if not decades.

With that in mind, you shouldn’t worry about leaving old projects in the API 1 format. The only real reason to upgrade would be if Xojo fixes something only in the new framework that you need.

So will they still fix API1 bugs?

but according to Geoff, there are no bugs?

My guess is if it affects them, and the cost to fix that bug is less than the cost of replacing all instances of the API 1.0 object with API 2.0, then yes.

If the complete API 2 Stuff would be reliable they would anyhow do it. Everything else would be self killing instrument.

API1 and API2 are the Xojo front ends to underlying C/C++ code

As far as I can tell API2 calls most of the exact same code API1 did

So yes they’ll fix API1 bugs - esp since the IDE still uses it


But that makes a difference: they sell API2 as new Technology, as new Solution, as a better World.

We use Xojo to create Xojo
We’ve spent ages working on API2, it’s great and the future
Oh by the way, the IDE uses API1, converting is hard work and may break some more things than we usually break

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And you believe them ?

API2 is only a remap to the “good old” API1 code.

And when there is a difference it is because they modify (or create a new) code.

Have-you read some pages of the Documentation site (and compare that to the same old docs page) ?
The former is nice, the examples are the same… when they work.

It was satirical and I DO NOT BEKUEVE THEM. I am one of the high-level-not-believers.

So, in the IDE a button press they have to remember it’s action not Pressering or whatever nonsense they chose on a PushButton not a DesktopButton. But when they update it to API2 it just uses the same backend code anyway so is probably just an alias.
Seems more disruptive than useful in my opinion, but what do I know…


You’re not the only one with that opinion.


They don’t.

They always said, that API 2 is mostly a wrapper around old methods to make the naming more consistent.

To be honest, I barely understand your problems with the API 2 renamings. They are annoying, obsolete and force extra work at yours. But compared with modern languages and their syntax, the changes make totally sense.

That is no question. But Bugfixing would be more interesting than that. It is a question of timing. But anyhow: there is not only Xojo on this planet.

Seems like a good understanding except the “But” excuse.

Xojo could have fixed bugs, but spent time on this nonsense instead.

Xojo could have made Buttons and such actually cross platform but didn’t.

But instead Xojo fiddled around and lost customers. I was a customer for about 20 years. I left over bugs not getting fixed.

If Geoff had a board of directors with majority ownership, thy’d vote him out.


This is what Geoff really needs to understand - people don’t leave because software has a bug, they leave because that bug is not only not fixed but also often not even acknowledged

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Bugs are unavoidable. It happens to everyone. But Geoff takes it to a to a whole new level. First it’s votes matter for bugs, then not the only factor, then actively hiding bugs if you don’t keep saying “yeah it’s still broken”.

Just no concern for customers. If I did this with my customer, I’d be out of a job.

And meanwhile, where is Feedback Web 2.0?

They really do - we all accept bugs happen, but please for the love of sanity fix the bugs!

Feedback Web 2.0 - maybe they need double click to work reliably, which it doesn’t due to some borked custom implementation rather than the default behaviour. (according to a current thread on TOF)

Once it’s released it’ll be called Feedbacking :joy:

It is a problem of learning / speed of writing (err… snow writing): I need to read the LR everytime I want to do something.

And I do not want to do something (with API2)…err. Thorsten is correct… wasted time they may do some better things instead.

At least, only old users (users since before 2019) are crying. New users learn API2 and do not thave troubles (except for some words / names).

Opening, Opened, WillBeOpening if its raining, else ToBeOpened… :grinning:

Personally I find the new API way more logical and intuitive.

As a developer you have to learn and re-learn things all the time. Its not uncommon that new versions of frameworks introduce new or changed language features.

I remember the transition of Python 2 to Python 3, which was called Python 3000, because it will have taken so long to get every dev into the new Version. Or look at Angular 1→2→3.

Even PHP changes the API. Not ad much as Xojo did, but constantly.

I for my self, like the new API, and I am sad, that we cannot use it completely, since we still have to use 2019R3.2 for Web 1.

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