Xojo developer gatherings

The Xojo developer meeting in Poland had a refreshing number of younger devs (according to the photos posted).
The last Xojo Inc organised meeting in UK (London) had a much smaller attendance and the people were at bit more advanced in age.
Next conference planned in UK (outside CE).

Observation: Xojo Inc does does not organise or officially attend meetings on the soil of the European Community.

At one point Xojo sold 50,000 REALbasic licenses to the Polish education system.

Well, I wondered if young folks (students) have the money to pay Xojo licenses :slight_smile:

Students can get a free Desktop licence as part of the Github Developer pack which has many benefits and is also free.


What about poorand retired persons ?

Not part of Xojo’s target audience, like professional developers.

The good news: other companies offer free-to-use tools for development. :slightly_smiling_face:

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God this place is tiresome.

Seriously. You used the product for what, 3 months, and are so filled with hate for it you waste hours making pointless posts slagging the product off. No wonder Garry ditched this forum. Toxic.

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I am really happy to see so many young people at the developer meeting in Poland.


Garry is still posting in this forum.

If you find a post of mine inappropriate you are free to flag it.

Directly related to misleading marketing and not fixing bugs.

Maybe drink less koolaide?

He no longer wishes to run the forum - you know this.

Jeez. I made a post saying that the students were entitled to a free desktop licence and I’m attacked as drinking koolaid(what are you 12?).

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He is responding to your toxic post atacking another member:

And just for saying something that xojo has said before and made clear with their actions…

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Well, if it is still good for posting and participating, it can’t be that bad.

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as far as I can see he is still posting on this forum. Announcing ObjoScript - #8 by Garry shows: one day ago. That is not ditched from the forum. He did not wanted to be in charge for the stuffs written in this forum while he got also questions from Xojo I guess and he wants to sell his plugins. So criticism could be annoying and Xojo could ask. So: he ditched not from the forum … I know he wrote he will not come back but …

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Being critical, or even negative, isnt TOXIC

What IS toxic is calling people names and hurling personal insults that are completely unnecessary to any kind of debate or discourse like

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It is entirely your own choice to be here or not to be here.

And as we are at it: your reply to Emile is pejorative. Would you dare posting such a reply in Xojo Inc’s forum?

Not any more
I asked - politely - for @XojoPro to edit out the “what are you 12” comment in one of his replies

His reply to me was clear, concise, and reason to silence him