Xojo, cutting the cord

Well, today I finally cut the cord with any of my Xojo / REALbasic legacy roots. I have no software in production, or for sale that was Xojo / REALbasic born, and I’ve removed any references for same on my web site and resume (calling Xojo / REALbasic a “cross platform development tool”).

What a boondoggle that was. Live and learn.

I checked out Unity. It looks great. I don’t know that I have 2 years to invest in a learning curve for another development technology. So I’ve settled on Swift for my UI stuff, and good old C for the plumbing for my next app.


welcome to the lighter side… if you have any Swift question especially about various Swift versions of “Xojo controls” drop me a line.

Am currently working on a drop in control that will handle a Single Column “Listbox” and should work for iOS, macOS and even tvOS (with a few tweeks). It is fully self contained for “string” type data, but can easily be modified for more complex cell types (something I may do later)

Congratulations, Xojo’s advertising is slowly fitting, that pros are not their target audience, because there will be no more pros left …

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Or while pros are starting whining. Real pros in the beginning and other ones after years. Reading old forum entries and old nailing list entries it was always a bug collection. And no, java was never like that

Thank you! I may take you up on that.

Yep, where is Marco Bambini and the other heavyweight (can’t remember his name) that were working on this product at one time. For pete’s sake you could email them back in the day.

Marco makes CubeSQL - but is rarely if ever on any forums
No idea what else he might be doing lately

Not sure who else you might be thinking of though
There have been many that have come & gone on to other bigger better opportunities

I thought I saw that he was working on some mobile app RAD system. This was a few years ago so no idea if that went beyond vaporware or not.

Welcome to the club. I mean, I think we all would like Xojo to succeed but, at least for me, Xojo doesn’t want me to succeed. Bug, web2, API2, were not just straws that broke the camels back but whole bales of straw.

I’ve been (mostly) happy working in Go (error handling still leaves me mystified at times. I’m strictly on the backend and enjoy being a worker bee after 20+ years as a consultant. I have zero clients left and any software of value has already been sold off.

I had to do code review on some Xojo code the other day and it felt like a foreign language. So I guess the retraining has worked. Do I miss it? Sometimes because it just did some many things for you that most other languages/IDE’s do not do. I tell my Go coworkers that I’m a ‘spoiled Xojo developer. please help me fix that would take me 5 minutes in Xojo’


I dont think it went anywhere

doesnt say much beyond “it has been acquired” and nothing since :man_shrugging:

and he seems to have other things going on

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I think he is doing something for sqlite on the cloud

Yeah thats listed on his linked in page witch I linked to :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, right? But from what I saw @bkeeney you developed some cool stuff, and grew a consulting business, no? A few things that were software engineering problems that I’m glad that I did (in REALbasic) was develop a “double buffering” Windows screen repaint (Mac does this already) for my Gettysburg game. I developed an Outlook Message parser RB plugin (C effort), and an RB Spell Checker class. Away from the foibles of RB/Xojo these were engineering efforts, figuring stuff out kind of thing.

The thing that really frosts my cookies is the “money grab” mentality that this poo show company devolved into, it is shameful. I mean the customers are literally testing their software for them at the customer’s expense, and running rough shod over any semblance of legacy code support.

None of the cool things that I mentioned even compile now. I’m talking years of work. Out the window. The only thing that I have of value is the engineering experience solving the problems that I mentioned.

I wish that I could remember the other dev’s name! In the most flattering way possible I say that he looked a little like Napoleon Dynamite. He and Marco were solid. And a reason that I took RB seriously.



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This thread is evidence that Xojo is in many aspects not a minimum viable product and everything goes at the expense of their customers:

Many users pleaded with Xojo NOT to make some of the changes they have in recent years
This is especially true of API 2 since it would throw away years of code and also silently introduce breaking changes since it would suddenly start throwing exceptions instead of using error codes for many things

All to no avail :man_shrugging:


Well, I’ll upgrade when I have the cash but for now I’ve got to work with the Xojo I have (warts and all.)

I am really not sure if Xojo’s model is sustainable, I doubt it is. But it takes some time until such approaches will implode.

edit: Quote from TOF in the above linked thread.

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The boss of the madhouse is very proud of what they did and absolutely doesn’t care about the havoc this wreaked among their customers:

→ lack of empathy


A lot of people will miss the introduction of API3 and Web3.

Sharing information about this individual. When I was working at the Whitehouse, he emailed me and asked me if I could get his daughter an intern job. Fair enough. But it was the way that he asked, you know? It left a very sour taste in my mouth.