Xojo Cannot Build Catalina-compatible macOS Apps from the Windows IDE

I just posted this on the official Xojo forum. Wonder if I get banned?

I hate to post something negative about Xojo and this is not intended to start a flame war but I came across a (private) post which led to me discovering a public feedback issue that somehow had completely flown under my radar.

How many people here who primarily develop with Xojo on macOS realise that it is impossible to build 64-bit macOS apps using either the Windows or the Linux IDE? I didn’t as I only develop on a Mac, which can obviously build for macOS but can also build 64-bit Windows and Linux apps. How can Xojo justify their claim that it is a cross-platform compiler when it isn’t? If you are a Windows user and you want to write apps that will run on macOS Catalina (currently estimated to be 49% of the Mac market) then, quite simply, you can’t do this with Xojo without a separate Mac to compile from. You can’t even debug from the Windows IDE a macOS app.

People who know me, know I’m a Xojo fan. I literally just spent $600 today renewing my Xojo Pro license (before I discovered this) but I cannot believe the current compiler limitation. It’s a joke.

Its not unrealistic and things certainly lead you to assume this CAN be done
I doubt you get banned

You should ask for a refund
The buy it again today since there
s a 20% off sale on right now :slight_smile:

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Grrrr! Will do.

They even put wrong information on the product page:

OOOOHHHH I had not seen they made the claim you can compile for any platform from any platform

Thats simply NOT TRUE

Let’s see how long that stays up…

OK Pauls latest post on there literally made me laugh


Yeah… and I just peed in Geoffs cereal… wonder how long until I get censored

And he misses the point

Having a Mac, or a VM, for testing isnt the same as “you MUST WORK on a Mac to TEST on a Mac” which is the case
Windows users will be pissed off

What I find curious is that I asked about this on the testers thread
Just in the vein of CAN SOMEONE PLEASE WORK ON THIS !!!
Got NO reply there from Xojo

But a PUBLIC post about OMG Xojo isnt as cross platform as

This means it is cross-platform, so you can build for any platform from any platform.

and Geoff pipes up ???
AND says flat out

That said, it is open source and we are working on modifying it to resolve this issue

I honestly cannot believe that I have missed this glaring problem with Xojo since it was first logged in Feedback in December 2018. It’s embarrassing really.

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That Xojo Inc marked YOUR post as solved is VERY disturbing.

BTW As i actually never tried compiling for a Mac on Windows, even when it was possible, this is not something that affects me personally or matters to me.

IMO RS/RB/Xojo’s advertising has always overstated it’s capabilities in some respect since I first bought it at RB 3.



Xojo should be worried about a class action lawsuit.

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wonders how much more arrogant Geoff really is…?
but then from someone who has said in the past
“its MY company, don’t you dare tell me how to run it”…

guess one can’t expect much more

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If I were so inclined I’d post the private conversation I’ve had with Geoff on the forums

I cannot tell you how truly disappointed (not sure thats strong enough) I am with the tone of his responses to me
Dismissive and Denigrating come to mind

I wonder if Geoff realizes that the frustration being expressed comes not only from this issue but also the things Xojo and decided to work on (and how they did it) as well as not work on since the change from RS to Xojo.

Most of the frustration is coming from long time users…


No he doesn’t… Geoff seems to be focused on the wrong things and attempts to pass blame and use big words to rationalize his postion… HEY! That describes someone else I can think of as well …:frowning:

The replies seem to dismiss the concern about this
Yes I can still build on a Mac
Yes I can work on a Mac
Yes need to test on a Mac if I intend to ship a Mac product

But I use Windows day in day out and want to WORK there
How do I do this ?

The answer is you cant/dont

The hits just keep on coming from Geoff
Publicly and privately

I was aware of it before you brought it up…

I knew the advertising was misleading , and it did bother me… but the Xojo Framework, API 2, less concern for Xplatform desktop abstraction from OS specifics and lack of significant desktop improvements for a long time, and recently the limitations of the only new feature I care about in beta now,I was unhappy enough to get involved… I guess I care a lot less about the product than I once did, as for too long they have been disappointing me.

When Geoff marked Garry’s post as answered, that angered and disappointed me enough at the same time, to get me to say something.