Xojo bug bash

And also the problem of thinking a silent comunity means everithing is awesome instead of the comunity just stop caring.

That is not true. I might voted for mobil as well, but it was thinking that if it was implemented, they will keep the focus on desktop/web and expand the team to cover the new targets…

I did not voted to split the scarse resources to have a mediocre desktop/web on the pursuit of mobile that will be medriocre as well :unamused:

And that is not on the voters, it is 100% a lousy managment. If you dont have the resourse to have 2 good products, say no, focus on having a GOOD one and make it more profitable first, then expand the team an get a good new product.


Oh hell no

not what I’m suggesting at all
I vote for features as well

As Markus notes its easy to core “Implement Android” if that matters to you

But compiler bugs arent if you haven’t hit them - yet

And so lots of feature requests get lots of upvotes while bugs dont
If all they look at is upvotes then you can see why they focus on implementing features

But features & bug report sHAVE to be considered as 2 separate piles - not one giant pile
Not doing this means bugs will always fall well below feature request in terms of popularity
And then we have the issue of “bugs dont get fixed”

there is that
silence ≠ satisfaction

Geoff and Dana have done a good job of training customers to be slient if not satisfied.

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At least ones that don’t want to risk being banned from the forum.

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I could post
I chose not to since it would just result in more punitive action so … why ?

I file bug reports and let my clients beat them up about those since the bugs affect their projects
And I just carry on and more often than not find some workaround

I was surprised to see one of my bug reports from a year ago nominated and fixed … Sort of.

Greg nominated it… But my code example was API 1… He added an API 2 example and William only fixed it for API 2, and changed the title of the bug report to refer to API 2 controls…


  • Karen

ah yeah that one
I can see why they fixed it for API 2 only but it would have been nice to fix it for API 1

I was all for “bug bash” and thought it is users selecting the bugs to be fixed - so I was looking forward to some serious bugs being fixed.

But some of the selections seem just weird. I looked at

and in it I see

Nothing more important to fix? No big bugs left? Where’s my cheque book?


… on second thought this looks more like business as usual …


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Sorry to steel your dreams but this IS BUSINESS AS USUAL

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have to admit I had “hopes” given what was said
I guess it was more “well I’m using the tool so might as well toss my hat in there and see what happens”
So I nominated 10 from some of my clients

So far one has made the cut
none fixed yet :frowning:

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The bot will only mark one bug you nominate with the label until that one is fixed. This is to make sure that as many customers as possible can get something nominated. And not one guy gets 20 labels.

So you may login as your clients and nominate them with their accounts.

I just figured out that none of my nominated cases got the label as someone else nominated a case made by me. And that counts as my case for this bug bash :exploding_head:

With the lack of participation from the comunity and most of the FC made by the same few…

It is easier to limit by the one who posts and not by the nominator :roll_eyes:

The Principe of BugBash is not to have too many Bugs to fix immediately. And that is the Case. While the people have their favorite Bug and the Citizens have no Bug: there are not many people having problems with this Bug while not so many people need this for their Work and their Income. Make it with CodenameOne, IntelliJ or Netbeans: BAM you will have it immediately

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Maybe xojo didnt think a lot with this Bug Bash move. They have a REALLY BIG problem, this event raised a little hope for many, and if xojo close the event with users feeling (as usual) “it is the same empty promisse”… more drops on sales… Hope is their current bussiness model, it will be even harder for xojo to recover confidence.

Maybe only if they declare a success on reports, too much to solve them on a month and make the marketing saying that and anounce at least the rest of the year to solve them (and actually puting a REAL effor to solve them) :thinking:

You mean like

Its easy to go to Issues and check for # of bugs

and the number of OPEN has not moved by 50+
it remains fairly constant

Im talking about participation. Look at the number of created cases, it is more than 200% increase compared with the same period on previous months.

No, Im talking about one that addresses all the unsolved cases at the end of the month, otherwise this 200% participation increase will become negative perception.

i’ve held off renew until I see what happens, i have a product where its impossible to have 1 build for pre and post API2.0 unless anyone knows if there’s a compiler prefix for API version?

How can this be? Rewrite for API2 and compile it. One Build and that’s it. Why you want to stay with API1???

Because not all my customers will go to api2