Xojo bug bash

“ We are excited to announce that during the entire month of August the majority of our engineering team will be focusing on a Bug Bash!”

The deets

“Bug Bashing” should be a continuous process… not a publicity stunt


Hey, I’ll take what I can get. :crazy_face:

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Come September 1st…wonder how many “fixes” Xojo will crow about, only to have them fall about in the next release? Any takers?

Pretty funny how Xojo said Web 1.0 would be supported, then oh yeah, we don’t update deprecated stuff…



Also funny how in the Feedback days you’d have to lobby Geoff to get your bug fixed.

Now with Issues, you have to lobby in the Bug Bash.

What’s the point of Feedback point or Issue thumb upping when you have to beg to get bugs fixed???


process process process

I thought the support xojo would offer would be if a browser update substantially broke web 1, not adding/fixing features outside that remit.

The bug bash is a good quick way to find out what peoples top 10 concerns are.

I’m surprised no one has made a thread yet asking for those with spare tags to add them to a list of bugs that people submit, I’m out and I could use a few more, le suck.

184 BugBash2022Nominee’s also doesn’t seem like a lot.

That Xojo needed to squash a lot of bugs from the huge pile was long overdue. But to make an ‘event’ out of it is kind of laughable! While other tools do this continuously behind the scenes, Xojo makes it almost like an award ceremony: and the nominees for 'most annoying bug that hasn’t been fixed for half a decade’ are…

It isn’t so surprising that there are only so few ‘nominees’ as they drove away a lot of the people (pros?) that did report bugs but were continuously ignored.

I’m afraid this ‘event’ will be used as yet another excuse for the next year or so by Xojo if people complain about bugs that are not fixed. Like Dave says, just a publicity stunt (and quite a ridiculous one IMHO).


If you want engagement you have to market it. If you are not going to put out features in a release you have to market what you are doing. Not doing either of those two will impact on the reach of the ‘event’ and its perceived value when people who aren’t being effected by bugs suddenly see a release go by without any new ‘shinys’.

There was a lot of discussion about feedback and how little gems that would make developers everyday lives or their products better were being buried in the system. I see this event as a way of bringing those key issues to the front of the queue and giving them the best shot and being hit on the head.

For example 28606, it impacts every user in that it would be a core feature in the IDE, but it doesn’t majorly inconvenience every user on a daily basis. Xojo didn’t see it important enough to fix 9 years ago or they quickly forgot about it and/or worked around it. Maybe there weren’t enough xojo employees using the IDE at the time for it to become unbearable enough to implement.

People have been begging xojo to fix certain things for a long time, at times the forum has been very vocal about it, people have asked for dedicated bug fix releases, xojo finally works their way around to addressing peoples concerns, either because of pressure, culture change, staff changes or because of lost sales and now its a publicity stunt?

If xojo hadn’t pushed this 'even’t so much, hadn’t made it a ‘publicity stunt’ and just put it as a one liner on the bottom of the email shot, I can only imagine the outcry/laughter from people saying that they were hiding it or not promoting it only for people to say that they will use it as a future discussion point saying that noone cared enough about it or responded to it. They do the opposite and there’s outcry/laughter when they go ‘over the top’ and promote it.

Crazy, IMhumbleO of course.


Yeah I’m not gonna criticize a bug bash for Xojo. This is the sort of thing that might get me to renew.

not sure how they are going to triage things since it was supposed to be BUG but there are a pile of feature requests in there as well

184 nominees is more than they usually kill for a full release (esp when you remove the 70-80 documentation items)


ah newcomers !

well there are about 4K archived bugs that could be revived
I’ve given up on that front


In a way it is telling that it has to be “marketed”
Maybe because killing bugs didnt seem to be a high priority ?
Or because despite repeated requests from all over to do bug fix only releases that never happened ?
To need to market it as a special event says something about the perception that “bugs dont get fixed”


It is just MARKETING, make yet another promisse of improvement, and launch a discount… New licenses, Upgrades, Renewals and Extras are on sale through August 8th! - Announcements - Xojo Programming Forum

After many years of the same, how many are going to fall into that?

Im conviced that a release of Web 1.0 with a few Bug fixes and the IDE improvements from the last years could sold more licences than

We dont fix bugs, dont miss this rare ocation. Yep, sounds like that.

If Geoff cared enough about bugs like Dana’s post a decade ago, I’d prob still be using Xojo.

Maybe it’s a ploy, maybe it’s really. Maybe seeing so many people leave ws a kick in the ass. Time will tell. Either way, Geoff really fucked up. There’s no way I could trust Geoff to ship quality though with out seeing things get better.

It makes no sense to require to begging or lobbying to get bugs fixed.

Over and over peeps have been begging to get bugs fixed. Who know how many have left Xojo over it. And now the user count seems to be down, they woke up.

Only question is it too little too late…

I’m sure so many others here are thinking “we fix bugs as a regular day-to-day task not a big show of we will fix bugs this month”.

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People have been begging xojo to fix certain things for a long time, at times the forum has been very vocal about it, people have asked for dedicated bug fix releases, xojo finally works their way around to addressing peoples concerns, either because of pressure, culture change, staff changes or because of lost sales and now its a publicity stunt?

I think this is simply a sort of „Yes, we hear you!“ message from them, which is actually quite a positive thing.

Edit: @Alwaysbusy: Sorry, I was replaying to Julian and apparently made some mistake trying to quote him.

Having an event instead of actively fixing bugs… Limiting the fixable bugs to ONE per user… Not exactly the best “we hear you” message

I thought it was 10?

The one per user process is just that, a process to work through the tickets. It better than dumping the whole set into the working set at once as the variety of jobs means there will be a cross section of fixes and the devs arent snowed under and cant see the wood for the trees. For example most of mine will be windows related, and someone else will be mainly web related. When one if mine if finished, the bot will work through and bring my next one to the top, by which point the dev will have already picked from the working set and is off working on something else from someone else, pretty fair.

That being said, they might not get around to any of mine, as its a nomination, not a guarantee of a fix. It is what it is, but at least I’ll know that my major ones will have the best chance of being fixed or looked at from now until September which is better than it was when they were forgotten about or lost in the snow.