Xojo Android

The original app from iOS used an interface - ok simple enough
Tried the same set up in their Android
Nope - doesnt compile

So much time and this is the state its in ?
Arg !

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State of disarray?

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Don’t miss the opportunity :wink::


You can soon develop mobile apps for Android using Xojo! …


Yawn Come see me in a year when it might actually be usable.

Now imagine the effort put into Android being used for desktop and web development instead. SMH


Wow! That SOON???


Well, I did say usable. I didn’t say for who. :stuck_out_tongue:

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but in a year and then usable…Man…I would suggest more time is needed.

Have faith…

Starting to sound like the supporters of Duke Nuke’m Forever (which did take forever)

We have also to see their situation. It is a big problem when you realize in the middle of a development: hey, I need to do it in a complete different wise. And then you have also to find for al the stuffs solutions. That is hard especially for Android. We both know that. And it sounds simple to write with Java or Kotlin directl an Android app. But in truths: it is work and it is a complex beast what ever you do on a machinery like this. And to build the toolchain is a hard piece of work. So I guess, and that we also have to see, that it costs really all their power to gget it realy for release. Thay have to do that. Otherwise there would be no Android. And I really see that there will be an end somewhen.

I’m wondering how bad the backlash will be when people start using it and go, huh, 7 years of development and this is all there is?

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Sign into Issues
Search for things tagged Android
And you can get a feel for that state of affairs

I tend to think you are right that there will be high expectations

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Will be the same like the expectations people had when opening Web 2.0 IDE first time. Expectation was: has all the needed functionality of Web 1 and the projects can be converted in seconds like promised. The result all of us know.

Lets just say I could spin you a tale but I’m not permitted to :slight_smile:

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I appreciate your position, but I found that I could convert my iOS to android in such a way that I could help the developers by finding (and eventually fixing) quite a few bugs. I now have an app that runs on OSX, Windoze, iOs and Android. I look forward to Xojo folks actually getting to the point when the Android version is no longe run Beta. Of course, I appreciate that could take some time…

Good statement