Xojo Android

Have to say this is my experience with the making apps using the green co tool so far
Great if you want to make an app that shows pictures of cats
Going beyond that is more interesting (let just say it that way)

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All this push and pull, closing, restoring of views or activities on android, was needed when devices had 128Mb of RAM…

This days, tools have to offer something that is in line with the current capabilites of devices.

Are the xojo android apps based on multiple Activity views? :expressionless:

They are trying to build something what compiles to Android. Don’t start to ask for complex application structures and high performance. Impossible. Wrong solution.

Lets just say that so far I’m disappointed with the # of bugs I’ve encountered so far

Fortunately, they tell us it’s in beta stage :grin:

Delegates? Pointers? To solve a problem that existed half a decade ago? And you call yourself a modern RAD tool? Yeah, Xojo is FAR behind every other tool with Android (and iOS, and Web, and…). But it was expected. Complete waste of resources.

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But are you in the least bit SURPRISED???

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Yes Like all of us that they have such amount of bugs after so long time for development I guess

The original app from iOS used an interface - ok simple enough
Tried the same set up in their Android
Nope - doesnt compile

So much time and this is the state its in ?
Arg !

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State of disarray?

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Don’t miss the opportunity :wink::


You can soon develop mobile apps for Android using Xojo! …


Yawn Come see me in a year when it might actually be usable.

Now imagine the effort put into Android being used for desktop and web development instead. SMH


Wow! That SOON???


Well, I did say usable. I didn’t say for who. :stuck_out_tongue:

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but in a year and then usable…Man…I would suggest more time is needed.

Have faith…

Starting to sound like the supporters of Duke Nuke’m Forever (which did take forever)