Xojo 2023r2 Release Notes: What is new for MacOS?

I read the Release Notes for Xojo 2023r2 and, I am not sure, but… where are the New entries for MacOS ?

There are some - but not a lot
Web and Android seem to get most of the work

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Hm. Android is in Dev since 2016. Best. The IDE has I would say 10% of the needed. WOW. And: no Tablets. Man. Who shall rely on it?

With a Mac you can at least buy a new device if you want to have more features below Xojo, with Xojo Android even that doesn’t seem to be guaranteed…

Yeah I’ll admit that if it weren’t for a client asking me to look at it I’d be using something else
Even if I had to do layouts purely in code

The debugger is flakey and excruciatingly slow
Literally 30 - 40 SECONDS to step
It may, or may not, stop at the break points I’ve set

Its not even where iOS was when it was first released :frowning:

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I bet your customer will be happy if your report him a timesheet of your tests. Stay fair and don’t charge him more than 2 hours, he might otherwise ask why you spent a whole day on it :slight_smile:

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Well great stuff Spent 3 hours trying to figure out why the hell stuff wasn’t working and … ARG !!!

Now I’m stuck until / unless Xojo releases an update FAST because URLConnection response headers DONT WORK


But as the week draws to a close: at least it’s a change from your font problem with Xojo, isn’t it?

At least that one I managed to sort out

Use Xojo “font” then call MBS to get the actual details about each member and keep a sorted organized list
Took a while to figure that one but it works and not so badly

Did genius not tell us in the past that there is no real need for any plugins? IMHO it is pretty much useles w/o.

Font and Font handling is … sketchy
not decent way to get any info about fonts
at least on macOS the NAME works for controls graphics etc
there AN API that just works everywhere

Windows ?
well not so much - hence why I had to combine Xojo’s font name with MBS, get the actual info, avoid those that start with @ and NOT show any that were Raster only

and that seems to work
but … that I need a plugin to do it indicates those places where Xojo doesnt do enough
and where they should spend some time to “do those things uses cant do for themselves”

I always thought that was Xojo’s value proposition
let us write the code we can & need to for business logic
and enhance the framework where users would have to hack around the framework OR add bags of plugins because the framework DOESNT do some thing
It shouldnt be “oh look our framework doesnt do X but hey MBS makes that possible so we’re good !”

Sure let MBS add capabilities (PDF’s, ChartDirector, and big add ons like that that arent “core”)
But fonts ? esp when they dont work x-platform the way they are (or even on ONE platform as they are ?)

That to me is where Xojo has lost its way


IMHO, what you’re describing is a symptom of a fundamental problem.

I believe that way before “2.0 All The Things™”, Xojo had a cash flow problem. IIRC, you were never replaced, your responsibilities were divided up between the remaining engineers. Which increased the workload, but as I understand it, no-body got a pay rise.

This low allotment of money towards engineering hampers what Xojo can technically do, I believe that is why Xojo stopped trying to accommodate the more experienced of us, and instead started focusing on those who need in-house, non commercial products.

“2.0 All The Things™” is like plastering over a decaying wall, sure looks nice, but it’s still crumbling and falling apart, and one day will collapse, bringing the house down with it.


Muhahah u made me laugh…

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Joe left before me and was not replaced either :frowning:
As for raises I have no idea - one of those things I didnt ask others about
And I dont recall ever discussing my pay with anyone else


I forgot about Joe leaving, so the remaining engineers have absorbed the workload of two engineers, no wonder the Mac side has become so dilapidated.

Such a shame.

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Stephane was not replaced either (RIP).

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Xojo might claim that Paul, Ricardo and Javier replaced Joe, Me and Greg

Although that leaves the question - who replaced Paul ? or did they just eliminate that position of Evangelist ?

And there was no hire after Stephane passed

So there is a slight shrinkage in overall numbers
Skill set wise I have no idea

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Ulrich too.


Ulrich warnt, as far as I know, ever “staff” in the same way Stephane or Paul was

Not to say the various evangelists in different areas weren’t valuable but they “weren’t paid staff” that I know of
Their relationship was more “reseller & local support”

But @ubogun could clarify that better than I could

I think @acaland and maybe the Japanese reseller (muraokasan) fell into that kind of role as well
And there was a German one as well

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That’s right. Antonio and I – we were both hired and fired simultaneously – were never staff. We were outside contractors with payments being a part of the local sales.

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