Xojo 2023r2 Release Notes: What is new for MacOS?

Thanks for clarifying that

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… and those 2 were recently added to Xojo. Instead of fixing things…

Adding stuff is “easier” than fixing things (fixing other people’s code: no learning curve needed)

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Too little and too late for me… I needed those capabilities years ago so had to buy plugins I felt I should not have had to.



Like Text Editor:

Please, Xojo, give me the milk, the butter, the bread, creamer, dairy…

Hey, this is a softwre for newbies…

I know ! Siri: “create this software for me”…

Some childish people…

Sorry Emile, as one of the great fans you should think before writing. Beginners, citizen devs, they need a working Software and not a 799 bucks bug collection. It is a shaming that people really believe that this product is usable for what the heck they promise. 799 bucks for platforms which you can reach with c++ or java for free without paying one $.

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I’m not sure what Emile meant. But when it comes to the fact that as a paying customer you can’t ask for “everything”, then that’s basically correct. But for a pure programming exercise (where the competition is free) you can only compare the IDE, and that’s where Xojo in 2023 loses even to the paid alternatives, even in terms of price.

Overall, it’s just not an attractive proposition anymore. For iOS and Android, web you still have to deal with 3rd party tools (which is normal) and for desktop Xojo is even less cross-dev than the company ever was :frowning: - but there are enough alternatives for that.

When your entire business depends on Xojo, it takes time to switch, that makes sense too, but I’d rather start before it’s too late. As a hobbyist, I would also look around, precisely because there are so many tools out in 2023 with great tutorials today, and every change is a daily revelation that simple, secure(!) and good development is still possible.


He did not say if he pays a brand new license. He only was surprised to not get what he had in VB so many years ago.

Now a good question:
what is the situation in the market concerning the availability of a word processor control in the Box of developement software. Do such development software exist nowadays ?

you mean a “rich text editor” control?

I meant what was included in VB / What the newbie user complained he does not found one in Xojo. (look above the link)