Xojo 2023r2 is here - Android, DesktopXAMLContainter Control, Web Dark Mode

What they DONT say is that since 2023r1.1

  • there have been 1138 new issues reported
  • total open BUG count has gone from 2177 to 2301
  • total open reports (not just bugs) went from 6738 to 6996

so even after fixing numerous bugs the counts are generally going up not down


sometimes this sort of thing makes me wonder whether they are paying attention to these sorts of stats internally or not …

Maybe they keep a blind eye on it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m curious how many of the new issues are Android only. As a new target I would expect a lot of issues reported against it.

In my ideal world I want to know how many new and closed issues were for each target type (desktop, web, mobile) or even by OS (Mac, Win, Linux, iOS, Android, RPi) and how many reported against the IDE. But then there are so many variations on targets these days it wouldn’t tell you much. I could be wrong.

Fun with regressions

often new reports dont have many tag applied

  • this MAY total more than ALL open reports as some have more than one tag applied

Android - 79
Compiler - 329
Desktop - 36
Documentation - 144
Examples - 37
IDE - 2115
Linux - 57
Framework - 2216
Mobile - 2
Web - 391
Windows - 172
iOS - 147
macOS - 206

there are other labels I didn’t look at

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Those are big numbers!

Bugs are not considered “Cruft”.

macOS: Preferences… menu item is named now Settings… when the IDE is ran on macOS Ventura. (72342)

Erm… This one is auto-handled by the macOS, unless they’re doing something really wrong.

Desktop: DesktopMoviePlayer: renamed MovieStarted to PlaybackStarted and MovieStopped to PlaybackStopped for consistency with the MobileMoviePlayer. (69018)

Superb, because that’s what we wanted, more changes to the fucking names.

macOS: App no longer crashes when accessing the RuntimeException.Stack in certain situations, especially when sandboxed on Intel macOS Ventura. (72314)

Now that’s more like it.

macOS: macOS builds no longer include an invalid rpath, which some apps have flagged as being incorrect by using an additional path separator. (64896)

Wait… Could it be, this is one of my feedbacks that has actually gotten addressed. Fucking A.

macOS: Fixed Color.FrameColor on macOS so it returns the expected color value. (69696)

That’s debatable.

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I just report em
I dont make em up

One caveat though
The #'s I see will likely NOT be the same as what you see since it will depend on things like confidential cases I can see vs what you can see
And thats likely to differ
but those #'s will be in the right ballpark give or take a few

Yeah I had started a project in an earlier version of the Android beta
Reopened it and they renamed shit in there already
So I had to go "fix"code that wasn’t even a month old

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That’s sheer madness.

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But don’t worry, Geoff’s trying to train ChatGPT to write Xojo code and bake it into the IDE, so in the future, it will take even less time to re-write your existing apps into the current version of Xojo.

Sheesh… It’s like he heard what we’ve been complaining about and then decided to do more… Just fix the damn bugs, inefficiencies and work on things like Aliases, Macros, pre-emptive threading etc… You know, things that will actually lead to better quality apps.

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Trying! Agreed! :slight_smile: Xojo Hmmmm 🤔 - #852 by Jeannot

Remaining customers seem to like the new release:

Two blind eyes, two - per employee 2 …

A clear no, otherwise the company should have already dissolved …

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Well, Android SUCKS. Compiler error with a simple msgbox it feels like some proof of concept or pre-apha release.

BUT that XAMLContainer is really interesting. For one thing, xojo FINALLY have a way to use the native renderer (WebView2) after ditching it in the WebView control.

This can really improve the windows target.

It is a shame that there is no XAML window and visual designer for it, with all the controls created in the same container. For now, having each control in their own canvas container can have a performance hit, but it looks promissing.


Guess we’ll have to see what Bjorn & Christian can do with it to make it “not suck” :stuck_out_tongue:


even their tools are sucking in a maximum way

Nothing against Björn and Christian, I used their Addons a lot (Björns’ more than Christians’) but compared with everything in the open source sphere or even enterprise commercial sphere Xojo was/is… how to put it in polite words… uhm… special kind of scam?

And using a Webview (the bloatware of a fully webbrowser) for your basic app UI is disgusting. Then better use https://sciter.com/ or https://flutter.dev/ - less pain with more features…

Have I mentioned… Sciter uses C-Interfaces… ideal for Freebasic… :slight_smile: