Xojo 2022 release 1

Release notes

We’re discussing the update and price increases on Discord: if (not nil)

Looks like there is a LOT of censorship on TOF today :rofl:

$100 Increase on the pro, BUT ALSO $100 on desktop and web :man_facepalming:t2:


Xojo makes HUGE CHANGE to their flagship product!

Prices are now increased by 50% with no added value to the consumer!

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I guess I will have to pass on the good news by increasing my product prices.

Wow! Up to 5 locked threads, so far…

Alyssa just said nothing was raised 50%. Hmmm

Note they barely make note of the price increase at the VERY end

on TOF @alyssa

the Lite license DOES increse from $99 to $149 - thats a 50% price increase (50.505050%)

It’s really insane how they lock the threads asking questions and then respond with falsehoods.

yeah… but Norman… .those are LITE versions… they amount to “nothing”

The lie was just edited:

It is technically not a lie, it is called marketing, the raise was 50.5%, Not 50% :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Lite was raised 50%. Desktop, web and ios raised “only” 33.4%

I read the release notes and, since I program exclusively on Windows, found nothing new or fixed that would induce me to renew. Guess I’ll be staying on 2021r3.1 for a while.

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Seems to be there way.

These price rises have driven me to create account to learn and ask about alternatives to get away from the madness at Xojo now

What does your app do and what targets do you use?

Thanks Hal, I’ve created a topic here: Moving away from Xojo

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Yeah, lot of nonsense latetly, first they say that their focus is on hobists, they they decided to raise the prices, 50.5% more for the entry point, WTF?

Also there is something weird with the last years black friday ultimatum, “this is the last discount, buy now”. And now the “you have 30 days to buy before the raises, buy now”


Damn, 50% on subscription software is huge…i guess they really, really need the money to survive

I get it, sometimes you have to raise prices but that was a bit extreme and it is the final nail in the coffin for me.