Xojo 2020r1 available

a bit of a surprise


I know that they must release at some time. But none of the bugs I reported for BS were fixed.

Look (docs page) at PostScript :frowning:

Better go to the Blog…

and cry… (“Cry Baby Cry”)

The roadmap document have !been updated.

Alyssa ?

Doesn’t seem that so far 2020r1 is being met with praise and fireworks

OMG. They released the Kraken.

Me holding it to wait for R2:

based on when R1 was released, I would expect R2 either tommorow or in 2023

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Xojo does not have a good track of dot releases. An R1 without Web 2 should be released in the first quarter. An R1.1 later. And THIS R1 should be the R1.1 + Web and released as R2. To be true it should released a bit later as the quantity of bugs present makes it useless for production. What Geoff called R2 should be R3.

Xojo seems not “modular” enough for a better release model.

I agree - they could have / should have done the previous nearly 9 months differently

But they had already put a stake in the sand and said “2020r1 WILL include Web 2.0”
They set that expectation and that put them in the position of HAVING to take this much time to get 2020r1 out in its current form
Had they NOT made that commitment they could have done many other things in between

But they set the expectations they did and they have to live with the fallout - such as it is

It is but there are some other impediments

Long ago & far away they could ship updates as smaller “patchers” that could patch a binary etc

Cant do that now because of code signing - such a patcher would break the signatures OR they would have to re-sign the app after patching on YOUR computer which I also cant see anyone ever doing

The could ship updated db plugins out of band - they ARE just plugins - but they dont
There are lots of portions that are well segmented that can be updated independently
The compiler can be updated without having to update everything else
Lots of the controls that are in various plugins etc can be updated independently

Just poke around in a single install and you will find there are lots of items that are plugins / independent components

Where it gets tricky is when an updated component also needs updated IDE support for some reason
IE/ if acompiler update needs to expose something new in the IDE then the IDE would need to be updated as well to make it wholly available to users

I had the impression that once they started the web 2.0 development, and the thing became a bit harder than expected, they could not detach things and release a more “desktop” centric R1 and postpone Web 2.0 for an R2. So, at some point, when Big Sur appeared, instead of using a newer code base, they needed to get the PREVIOUS old released code and make it work and release the 2019R3.2 Frankenstein in the second semester of 2020.

uh … no comment ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

The unofficial list of deferred Web 2.0 items

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We can finally change the background color and text color of the Listbox Header :slight_smile:

New Events:

Yeah I created a completely custom container control that not only let me do that but also let me have different point sizes, fonts etc etc per header cell

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Can you h-align your header text per cell independent of the data cells?

I can do whatever I want :stuck_out_tongue:
so yeah you can left align one cell right align another center align another

I should clean this up and post it on github one day :stuck_out_tongue:

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That would be a huge contribution to the community - I rolled by own header w/ a canvas and its super basic. It would be nice to have the ability to resize my situation, but not enough time to do that in my current customer project. Your container would help alot :slight_smile:

The number 1 should be: Second half of the promissed Web 2.0 features :-p

New Desktop controls should be first than another API change :expressionless:

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