XDC Anywhere?

Starts on Monday and still no schedule beyond this???

Monday (4/25) - Keynote from Geoff Perlman
Tuesday (4/26) - XDC Sessions Part 1
Wednesday (4/27) - XDC Sessions Part 2
Thursday (4/28) - Live Q&A with the Xojo Engineers
Thursday (4/28) - Live Social Hangout

Odd they’re not streaming the keynote & sessions but … whatever
Its what they can do I guess given all the uncertainty there has been over the last 2+ years

That would probably be overkill seeing that on TOF, except for Xojo employees and MVPs, the event doesn’t arouse any great enthusiasm. People have probably better things to do than listening to blown-up marketing talk and vague promises from Geoff.

I’m pretty sure So So is the correct pronunciation! :grin:

I’m just curious because they used to have a list of speakers (not many) but seemed to have problems attracting more (not surprising as most Pros had left) … and then the list was removed … and since then it is just this rather non-descript schedule …

Well, it’s just releasing some videos on YouTube, forum threads to discuss and ask questions.
And then a live Q&A via Zoom and a Hangout.

Some people added sessions. e.g. Stefanie and I provided video recordings for a session each.

sigh youtube… Zoom…

Well I do not understand why they did not establish their an own BBB server, which is made for sessions like this and used on universities and schools around the world. Just as an example: My own BBB server (dedicated 8 Core, 16 GB RAM, 2.5 GB backbone to DE-CIX in Frankfurt, Germany) is capable of hosting sessions for approx 80-100 attendees and costs me around 15,- EUR per month. No hassle with Privacy, everything in your brand colors and logos, no ads or other distractions left and right.

I bet they never would get more attendees to a session so one or at least two servers for two concurrent session tracks would be totally fine. And in case of sudden popularity, they still could dump the RTMP stream to any S3 Bucket anywhere behind a CDN.

To me just another statement on which poor level they are operating and how they didn’t use the corona lockdowns for rethinking and adjusting their course.


time. money. expertise.
And I would guess there are other considerations they made and why they decided not to do it the way you suggest
It’d be nice. But its not going to happen so …

EDIT : fwiw BBB (big blue button) does look pretty easy to set up

You are talking about owning a server but they dont even own a Zoom paid acount :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The last time I joined a Hangout they said, "well, our free 40 minutes are about to end… "

Says so much about a tech company (especially a software company) when they can’t support other developers by paying for their software.

Well, the sessions list is up:

Pretty much what I expected, only surprise is that Marc Zeedar is not on there … :thinking: … on second thought …

Maybe they will talk about releasing Android properly within the next year … actually, I won’t hold my breath it’ll ever be ready.

YAP (yet another preview)

  • Xojo for Android from Paul Lefebvre - Xojo Engineer Paul Lefebvre talks about Xojo for Android, currently in pre-release testing. Learn about Android Architecture (ART), supported Android OSs, Android UI Components, Android Framework items, debugging and more coming to Xojo Mobile, plus a look at some sample code for Xojo Android.

this is 4 years in a row we’re seeing a preview of whats coming soon (eventually)

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ja, it is pretty useable out of the box, of course the details are a bit more tricky. I am using my own TURN-Server on Port 443 so it is accessible even for tight locked corporate networks and phone-dial-in via SIP aswell. Everything is monitored with Prometheus.

The sad story is, an own BBB server would be much cheaper than paid Zoom accounts…

Duke Nukem Forever…

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Think most people have given up waiting and are using good, solid, stable products with responsive developers (such as B4A).

oh I don’t think we’re in that territory

yet :slight_smile:

Duke Nukem Forever is legendary

EDIT : OK had to read the wikipedia version of what happened.
Amazing. And eerily reminiscent at the same time.

Anyone seriously in the position of “my client/employer expects an iOS and Android app” has long since done “something else”
While there might be attraction to adopting Xojo for Android (code sharing maybe ?) it seems like it could be a risky move as its unreleased and unproven the day it ships where other tools have a track record
Esp if you already have “something else” in place

I cant imagine there are a ton of users who have waited this long

Pro, citizen or anything else

I’m lost now as to the attraction to be honest. I’ve been using B4X for mobile for a while and it’s working and the developer is responsive - I can’t ask much more!

I think everyone’s tired of waiting and has moved on.