Would you bet your company on a one person project

recall that linux, gtk, and so many other also started small and maybe even as one man shops

would I bet my business on it TODAY ? no
would I watch it and see if it grows ? sure
and maybe one day it will be useful to many
or not

That’s the difference between us. I am not spending time to lookout for tools as I can’t use them for production. I don’t have all the needed time for this to test and try. And yes: GTK was started as NOT a one man show. Linux was never a one Man show even if everybody says that was Linux Torwald. No, he was the first one to build an alternative for Minix and that was latrer called Linux. Was that Linus alone? No. He was the center developer but never developing all stuffs alone.

And we can look on so many others. None of them was ever really started as a one man show. It was often started as community project. That yes. But not one alone. While one alone can’t do all the Jobs behind and maintain a project like this. Impossible.

You can see projects which where done so. B4x is one of them. But even there it is not one alone. The fundamental Idea:yes. The project itself: not.

But even beside that it has another limitation. If there is one interesting thing on it it is definitely Swift UI. And there is XPLAT more complex than anything else.

And looking for example on GTK there is also one big difference. GTK was never meant as an XPLAT project. It was, from the beginning, meant as the UI for Unix like OSSes like BSD, Linux and UNIX itself.

And if there would not be the restrictive license of QT for their development Software KDE was written in, GTK would not even exist. GTK was the license free alternative instead of the restricted QT/KDE Gui.

And we can spend weeks on the analysis, we will always come to the point: it is worth to test and do stuffs when the project reaches the point that it can be useful. That it is now not at all. What can I do with Swift I can’t do with Java for example. CN1 is even running on Watch and also on Apple TV. So…no need for Swift when writing XPLAT. At least not for me.

If you are a Swift programmer and want or need to work XPLATform you will have another perspective. Whileyou are used to Swift you can then program for other platforms also. But now it is not far enough to work with it. Sad but true.

Norman that was not off topic and what you are starting to moderate is nerving. Do it for other people in the same wise always and we could speak. Only while the answer is not what you wanted to have there it is not a good Idea to move all stuffs. It feels like I got treated like… I don’t want to use words like that in public. Please stop it.

If that one person would be me, then the answer is simple: yes, of course!

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Well, Xojo feels like a ONE person project… Yes, he said in the forum some times that there are mechanisms in place if that one person he goes away but, ANY declaration from xojo sounds like the “Yes, we suport Web 1”

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Like any small company
You tend to have little overlap & cross training because you’re in “move fast to get bigger” mode
And you HOPE that one day you will be big enough to have multiple people adequately trained & skilled to have some level of redundancy

Been there done that with a couple start ups in may life time
Some get there
Some dont

Xojo tended to be in the “doesn’t have a lot of overlap” camp
I mean 5 devs, how many platforms ?
There’s not a ton of crossover anywhere

That isn’t a Xojo phaenomena. One Men shows are not rare. Looking in the Xojo environment all plugin vendors are more or lesss one man shows. Relying on a project like this is killing all chances to have at the end a running Software maintainable for decades. But at the end this has nothing to do with the topic above. Ahile Xojo possibly feels like a one man company it isn’t one. It is a company with a small structure of employees but it isn’t one man. And so they stay in the market two decades now.

What was meant in the topic: a one person project. Has nothing to do with Xojo and is off topic.

I would, if it was my own product/project :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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From my point of view it depends.
If the one person project is open source you have the chance to continue the project / fork it or getting further developer resources so you are able to work on it.

If it is a closed source project you may make a contract and define topics for certain situations. Problem here can be “Paper is patient”.